• Yield Lab 600w High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Digital HID Grow Light Bulb (2100K) - 3 Bulbs - Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Horticulture Growing Equipment

    Yield Lab HPS bulbs are essential for quality spectral and lumen output. Emitting a strong yellow/orange/red light balanced with 30% more blue spectrum than other HPS bulbs on the market, these lamps are the optimal choice for healthy and dense vegetative growth. Compatible with both digital and magnetic ballasts and backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, these are ready to be incorporated into your system!

    • ASIN: B00GBTXL0U
    • UPC: 755429758963
    • ASIN: B00GBTXL0U
    • Brand: Yield Lab
    • Size: 600 Watts
    • Manufacturer: Yield Lab

  • 1PCS 945W 3000K HID Grow Light Bulb CMH Lamp Hydroponics Grow Light Bulb

    3K 945W T32.5/DE/HO CMH Lamp. 945Watt DE HPS Lamps feature superior color quality and very crisp white light. The horticulturally engineered unique combination of gaseous materials produces consistency in the spectral output, while still surpassing the competition by leading the industry with the highest levels of PAR output without sacrificing any lamp life expectancy or degradation of the proprietary spectrum. Generates much less heat than HPS and MH, more closely matches sunlight than any other lighting solution available. Great lumen output of high PAR values; lumens: 78,000; CCT: 3000K Do... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07F7VF7QF
    • ASIN: B07F7VF7QF
    • Brand: Vietly
    • Manufacturer: Vietly

  • Sun System Grow Lights - HPS 150W Complete System with Ultra Sun Lamp - HPS Plug and Play Grow Lamp For Hydroponics and Greenhouse Use

    This compact easy to use light fixture will work great for any gardener. The high intensity bulb delivers an amazing 16,000 lumens and provides the output and ideal color spectrum required for successful indoor gardening. Grow herbs, flowers or fresh vegetables all year, not just in summer. 150 watt high pressure sodium bulb (mogul base) included. Highly reflective aluminum insert. Vented housing helps dissipate heat. Durable white powder-coated finish. Backlit on/of switch. 7 ft grounded 120 volt power cord. Dimensions: 15 in long x 9-1/2 in wide x 3-3/4 in high. One year warranty on lamp.

    • ASIN: B00KM1EXXW
    • UPC: 870883001919
    • ASIN: B00KM1EXXW
    • Brand: Sun System
    • Size: HPS 150W
    • Manufacturer: Sunlight Supply Inc.

  • Philips 1000W E25 High Pressure Sodium Bulb

    Philips brand 1000 Watt clear High-Pressure Sodium lamp with mogul base.  ALTO technology uses less mercury for an environmentally safer lampUniversal Burning PositionPerformance - well known brand name product at competitive priceHigh-Pressure Sodium ballast (ANSI Code S52) required

    • ASIN: B001VXTXWG
    • UPC: 046677368838
    • ASIN: B001VXTXWG
    • Brand: PHILIPS
    • Manufacturer: Philips

  • Sylvania 64490 - M400/U 400 watt Metal Halide Light Bulb 2/PACK

    High performance SYLVANIA METALARC metal halide lamps are among the most energy efficient sources of white light available today for many interior and exterior applications. Please note that metal halide lamps cannot be operated without a ballast. Suitable for open luminaries only if operated vertically +/- 15 degrees, provided the installation is not near people or flammable or combustible material; otherwise, this lamp must be operated in a suitably enclosed luminaire. Features: -Lead-free welded base and lead-free glass -Durable mount structure and lamp construction -Good CRI

    • ASIN: B00OZVSI3G
    • UPC: 707137532595
    • ASIN: B00OZVSI3G
    • Brand: Sylvania
    • Manufacturer: Sylvania

  • Miracle LED Almost Free Energy 100W Spectrum Grow Lite - Daylight White Full Spectrum LED Indoor Plant Growing Light Bulb for DIY Horticulture, Hydroponics, and Indoor Gardens (604293) Single Pack

    The Miracle LED Almost Free Energy (AFE) full spectrum grow lite is a technological leap ahead for the indoor garden. Sipping only 9 watts of electricity, this Green growing, full daylight spectrum LED replaces up to 100W old hot-running incandescent flood lights. Nearly zero heat output, Miracle LED bulbs live up to 10x longer than standard bulbs, excellent full spectrum light for maximum absorption. Contains no mercury & emits no UV. Chemical-free indoor growing is perfect for many different environments like small kitchen herb gardens, apartments with limited sunlight, or fruit and vegetabl... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B075FZTTP8
    • UPC: 041898979719
    • ASIN: B075FZTTP8
    • Brand: MiracleLED
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Miracle LED

  • GE Lighting 26429 150-Watt LUCALOX HID High Pressure Sodium Mogul Base Light Bulb, 1-Pack

    GE 26429 150-Watt LUCALOX HID High Pressure Sodium MOGUL BASE. Bulb Diameter (DIA) [Nom]: 2.937 in, Bulb Finish: Clear, Bulb Material: Hard glass, Burn Position: Universal burning position, Color Rendering Index (CRI): 22, Color Temperature: 2,000 K, Effective Arc Length: 1.570000 in, Hot Restart Time to 90 percent [Max]: 3.000 min, Initial Lumens [Nom]: 16,000.00, Lamp Enclosure Type (LET): Open or enclosed fixtures, Light Center Length (LCL): 5.000 in, Maximum Overall Length (MOL): 7.7500 in, Mean Lumens [Nom]: 14400, Mercury Content: 14.850 mg, Nominal Initial Lumens per Watt: 107, Nominal ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B002YFF19E
    • UPC: 043168264297
    • ASIN: B002YFF19E
    • Brand: GE Lighting
    • Size: High Pressure Sodum
    • Manufacturer: GE Lighting

  • GE Lighting 18205 HID 1000-Watt, 105,000H/ 115,000V-Lumen BT37 Light Bulb with Mogul Screw (E39) Base, 1-Pack

    Count on GE quality lighting for residential and commercial lighting applications. GE light bulbs are built to last, so you can replace them and forget about them.

    • ASIN: B008N3L7EO
    • UPC: 043168182058
    • ASIN: B008N3L7EO
    • Brand: GE Lighting
    • Manufacturer: GE Lighting

  • 100W Led Corn Light 100W DLC & UL Listed Led Corn Bulb 5000K Commercial Mogul Base E39 Led Bulbs 13500 Lumens Replacement for 300W-400W Metal Halide/HID/CFL/HPS in High Bay Garage Warehouse Lighting

    What makes our LED corn bulb so special?What's the main differences between our LED corn light bulb and the cheaper ones?The state-of-the-art heat dissipation system and Maglev fan.Made of flame-retardant ABS materials and high quality aviation Aluminum.Built-in isolated power with surge protector.Industrial & Commercial Grade.Using high energy efficient LED technology - 135 lumens per watts.The best LED bulbs for replacing traditional incandescent bulb, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights, Metal Halide/HID/CFL/HPS bulbs.Over 50,000 hours use life.5 year unlimited ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01931RQRG
    • UPC: 728290926762
    • ASIN: B01931RQRG
    • Brand: dephen
    • Manufacturer: dephen

  • 250W LED Corn Cob Bulb (1000 Watt Metal Halide Replacement), Bright 6000K White 34,425 Lumens High Bay Factory Light, UL DLC Listed E39 LED Mogul Base Lamp Warehouse Lighting

    Kindly Note:This bulb can not work in enclosed fixtures owing high power, otherwise the high temperature in enclosed fixtures will burn out the bulbFeature:LED power: 250WInput voltage:100-277VLight source:2835 SMDDimension: Dia 5.15''*12.99''Light efficiency:135lm/wLuminous flux:34425lmBeam angle:360 degree Color temperature:6000K Bright whiteMaterial: Aluminium and PCIP rating: IP40Warranty:5 years warrantyLifespan:50000 hoursCertified: UL cUL DLCAdvantage:Instant start, No more waiting for bulbs to "warm up", NO flickering, NO hummingGreen and Eco-friendly, No mercury, No UV, infrared or ot... [Read More]

    • UPC: 613635621481
    • Brand: NUOGUAN
    • Manufacturer: NUOGUAN

  • 60W LED Corn Light Bulb, 250W Equivalent, Large Mogul E39 Base, 8115 Lumens, 5000K, IP64 Waterproof Outdoor Indoor Area Lighting, Replacement for Metal Halide HID, CFL, HPS

    EverWatt LED Corn Light Bulbs E39 Mogul Base HID/HPS/MH/CFL Retrofit Replacements LED Corn bulbs are the latest in 360-degree, LED area lighting technology. They're called 'corn lights' because of the ear-of-corn look to the strips of LEDs surrounding the bulb, not because of the color. Brighten and save on your outdoor and indoor lighting with our LED corn light bulb, with 60,000 hour rated LEDs and fan you can rely on. Our commercial and industrial grade LED lighting is constructed with heavy-duty corrosion resistant materials. These LED corn light bulbs can replace high intensity discharge ... [Read More]

    • Brand: EverWatt
    • Size: 60W - E39
    • Manufacturer: EverWatt

  • iPower 600 Watt HPS MH Digital Dimmable Grow Light System Kits Wing Reflector Set with Timer

    From seeding to flowering, iPower Grow Light System has your plant covered with all the light it will ever need. HID provides the most lumens per dollar, which means the most yields for your investment. This kit eliminates the need for mixing incandescent with fluorescent or additional LEDs that provide little gains at 2 to 3 times the cost. The balanced spectrum set of lights will not only be well-absorbed by plant's chlorophylls, but also promotes healthy chlorophyll production and regulates plant life cycle. iPower Basic Gull Wing Reflector Hood Weight: 3.7 lbs. Dimension: 21 x 17 x 6 in... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00CQ8ROYO
    • UPC: 610395731627
    • ASIN: B00CQ8ROYO
    • Brand: iPower
    • Size: 600W, HPS MH
    • Manufacturer: iPower Grow Light

  • 100w Led Corn cob light Bulb E39 Base, 5000K 13000lm AC100-277V,CFL HID HPS Metal Halide(400w) Replacement for Street and Area Light shoebox Fixture Factory Warehouse High Bay Garage light Parking Lot

    Description:   We are aprofessional factory specializing in manufacturing high efficiency lighting products, led corn cob light is our 2017 latest technology production series. This series LED retrofit lighting Can replace 70w 100W 150w175w 200w 250w 400w high intensity discharge bulb (HID), high pressure sodium bulb (HPS), incandescent bulb and metal halide bulb (MH) .High power LED corn cob Bulb, great for outdoor lighting , warehouse lighting , street lighting high bay LED lights, LED flood lights  industrial spaces lighting garage light  , Commercial lighting shopping light parking lo... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07DLD5YF9
    • UPC: 688209670202
    • ASIN: B07DLD5YF9
    • Brand: AINIYO
    • Manufacturer: AINIYO

  • Philips 315w 98v T12 Clear PGZX18 Mastercolor CDM-T Elite Agro HID Light Bulb

    Philips Elite Agro 315W T12 Lamp provides a compact and efficient metal halide solution for the horticulture market. This lamp provides outstanding growth light performance over the life of the product.

    • ASIN: B00D447TS0
    • UPC: 046677415211
    • ASIN: B00D447TS0
    • Brand: Phillips
    • Size: 315 W
    • Manufacturer: Philips

  • Energy Miser FE-IISB-23W-65K - 23 Watt CFL Light Bulb - Compact Fluorescent - T2 - 100 W Equal - 6500K Full Spectrum Daylight - 80 CRI - 70 Lumens per Watt

    This Energy Miser FE-IISB-23W-65K 23-watt compact fluorescent replaces a 100-watt incandescent light bulb and saves up to 80 percent in energy costs. The medium (E26) base will fit any standardized line voltage socket. Operating at 120 volts, the full spectrum daylight 6500K color temperature is clean and neutral. Ideal lighting for showrooms, bookstores, and office areas. Suitable for home and commercial applications.

    • ASIN: B003YNYMGS
    • UPC: 836701001356
    • ASIN: B003YNYMGS
    • Brand: Energy Miser
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Elong International Inc.

  • Mars Hydro Reflector 1000W LED Grow Light Kits Best for Veg Flower Seedling Germination Indoor Hydroponic Full Spectrum Lamp Panel Most Efficient Garden Greenhouse Plant Growth

    Welcome to Mars Hydro Walmart store! Mars Hydro Reflector 192 SpecificationsItem Model: Mars Reflector 192Number of Leds: 192pcsLED Type: High intensity EpistarSpectrum: 430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm, white, IR 730nmActual Wattage: 388W+-5%Amp Draw: 3.53A/110v; 1.79A/220vCoverage Area

    • UPC: 756118783
    • Model: Reflector 1000W
    • Color: White
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Hydro Crunch™ 600-Watt High Pressure Sodium Replacement HID Grow Light Bulb

    Hydro Crunch HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Grow lights have an effective spectral distribution for your plant's flowering stage. High Pressure Sodium light helps stimulate flower and fruit production in plants more efficiently than other light

    • UPC: 393278701
    • Model: D911009100
    • Size: 600600W

  • Digilux DX600 600 Watt HPS HID Sodium Digital Ballast Grow Lamp Light Bulb

    The **Digilux 600W HPS** (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs are favored by growers because of their wide color spectrum and efficiency. They are engineered for use in digital ballasts and feature enhanced red and orange spectrums

    • UPC: 39403717

  • Digilux DX1000 1000 Watt HPS HID Sodium Digital Ballast Grow Lamp Light Bulb

    The **Digilux 1000W HPS** (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs are favored by growers because of the wide color spectrum and efficiency. They are engineered for use in digital ballasts and feature enhanced red and orange spectrums

    • UPC: 42707927
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Grow 400-Watt ED18 High Pressure Sodium HID Light Bulb

    Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Lighting for Grow and Hydroponics

    • UPC: 151029909

  • Biltek LED Grow Light 90W 7-Band Panel Hydroponic Plant Lamp Flowering 3W LEDs Garden House Plant Hydroponic Medicinal Weed Grow Op Cultivation Less Power Consumption Than HPS HID MH CFL Tube Bulb

    This grow light has Seven Band Light Spectrums to help your plants grow to their full potential! This is essential to the fast and healthy growth of your plants. Ideal for all Phases of Plant

    • UPC: 153209151
    • Model: 90W
    • Color: White

  • Sylvania 66627 - M2000T8/DE 2000 watt T8 Double Ended DE Metal Halide MH 2000W Grow Light Lamp METALARC BRITELINE HID/High Intensity Discharge Bulb RX7S Wedge Base Replaces MHL-2000/1 M2000T8DE

    Sylvania 66627 - M2000T8/DE 2000 watt Double Ended DE Metal Halide Lamp. The compact shape allows for higher fixture efficiency compared to other lamps with a large outer jacket. The increased fixture efficiency can reduce

    • UPC: 327816233
    • Color: Clear

  • Hydroponics 1500W Metal Halide HID Plant Grow Lamp

    Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Lighting for Grow and Hydroponics

    • UPC: 151841635

  • Mars Pro II Cree 600W Best LED Grow Light Lamp Bulb Kits Full Spectrum IR Growth Bloom Medical Plant Herb Indoor Hydroponic Garden Flowering Kits Growing System Mars Hydro

    Welcome to Mars Hydro Walmart! Safe purchase guaranteed!Features of Mars Pro II Cree 128 LedMarvelous Full SpectrumMarshydro lights deliver even par readings and utilize superior 12-band spectrum to achieve maximum photosynthesis response. Higher yields, larger

    • UPC: 336735514

  • PHILIPS MSR Gold 700 SA/2 Double Ended 700w Stage Studio HID Light Bulb

    MSR Gold 700W SA/2 Philips Double Ended HID Bulb, 700 watt, SFC10-4 double ended base, 750 hours average

    • UPC: 38273138
    • Color: Multicolor

  • What is the best HID grow light, High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide or Ceramic Metal Halide?

    HID Grow Light Buying Guide - Choosing The Best HPS or MH Plant Light For Marijuana And Other Plants

    HID Grow Bulbs Overview - Metal Halide & HPS