• Anymind Country Style Tapestry Wall Hanging,Forest Game Tileable Country Jungle Cartoon Tapestry Home Decoration for Bedroom Dorm 60L x 80W,Forest Game

    The brand has something to say:anymind means any emotion, it is a brand of home decoration, family decoration affects our life and mood, here you can find your own style, any mood that belongs to you.The designer has something to say:the design of the pattern is inspired by the inspiration, each pattern has a different visual experience, and the decoration will have different moods in the room.The manufacturer has something to say:We first select good fabrics, use our professional technology and machines to print high-definition patterns, create a beautiful tapestry, and carefully do the detai... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07X4GWNRP
    • UPC: 043486976810
    • ASIN: B07X4GWNRP
    • Brand: Anymind
    • Size: 60" L x 80" W
    • Manufacturer: Anymind

  • Java - GUI Applications - eBook

    This book intends to educate Java practitioners on GUI Applications through questions and answers based on various interviews and personnel

    • UPC: 701267475

  • Java: Best Practices to Programming Code with Java - eBook

    **Are you tired of constantly finding errors in your Java code? Fed up with not being able to understand what you have written, making it difficult to identify those errors? And how many times has

    • UPC: 420349233

  • Get It Together! : An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life

    Move aside, Martha. Out of the way, Oprah. Pack your bags, Amy Sedaris. There's a new lifestyle guru in town! After getting his start years ago on HGTV, Orlando Soria has made his way to

    • UPC: 265141910

  • Java Enterprise Best Practices - eBook

    Java developers typically go through four "stages" in mastering Java. In the first stage, they learn the language itself. In the second stage, they study the APIs. In the third stage, they become proficient in

    • UPC: 869886078

  • RESTful Java Patterns and Best Practices - eBook

    This book is aimed at novice developers who want to gain insights into building RESTful services and improve productivity, as well as for advanced developers who want to delve into more complicated

    • UPC: 944434852

  • Java Database Best Practices - eBook

    When creating complex Java enterprise applications, do you spend a lot of time thumbing through a myriad of books and other resources searching for what you hope will be the API that's right for the

    • UPC: 429274932

  • Implementierung einer GUI-Applikation zur optimalen Zuordnung von Studenten mittels Java/Swing - eBook

    Bachelor Thesis from the year 2008 in the subject Computer Science - Programming, grade: 1, University of Vienna (Information Systems), language: English, abstract: JAssign is a Java-based application to assign students to topics of a

    • UPC: 587121436

  • Continuous Delivery in Java : Essential Tools and Best Practices for Deploying Code to Production


    • UPC: 595473943

  • Design Patterns and Best Practices in Java - eBook

    Create various design patterns to master the art of solving problems using JavaKey FeaturesThis book demonstrates the shift from OOP to functional programming and covers reactive and functional patterns in a clear and step-by-step mannerAll

    • UPC: 328532428

  • Java Ee and .Net Interoperability : Integration Strategies, Patterns, and Best Practices

    Java EE and .NET Interoperability addresses issues encountered during the integration process, such as a diverse technology set, incompatible APIs, and disparate environment maintenance. The experienced authors outline strategies, approaches, and best practices, including messaging,

    • UPC: 655478845

  • How to design a modern Java Swing UI inspiration using Netbeans [ Free Code ]

    JavaFX Settings UI Design - Scene builder and Netbeans

    Installing Java WindowBuilder (Gui Designer Plugin ) on Eclipse