• CDN IRM200-GLOW - ProAccurate Meat/Poultry Oven Thermometer-Extra Large Glow-in-the-Dark Dial

    Designed for food safety and savory, tasty results when roasting meat or poultry, the CDN ProAccurate Meat/Poultry Ovenproof Thermometer (IRM200-GLOW) features a glow-in-the-dark dial that makes it easy to see in the oven. This new model is extremely easy to use, with an extra large 2-inch (5.1 cm) dial with a durable laboratory glass lens and a 5-inch (12.7 cm) stainless steel stem. It is waterproof and features a handy temperature guide and target range indication to take the guesswork out of roasting. The CDN Procreate Meat/Poultry Ovenproof Thermometer stands out as a value over time, beca... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00CD5NI0E
    • UPC: 018436002130
    • ASIN: B00CD5NI0E
    • Brand: CDN
    • Size: A
    • Manufacturer: CDN

  • CDN IRM190 Ovenproof Meat Thermometer

    • ASIN: B000095RBR
    • UPC: 018436002031
    • ASIN: B000095RBR
    • Brand: CDN
    • Size: 1 Count
    • Manufacturer: CDN

  • SINARDO Roasting Meat Thermometer T729E, Oven Safe, Large 2.5-Inch Easy-Read Face, Stainless Steel Stem and Housing

    SINARDO Roasting's Meat Thermometer is an invaluable addition to cooking utensils and chef tools for roasting all types of meat. From beef to poultry, pork, lamb, veal, and even game, using a meat thermometer helps gauge internal temperatures so food cooks properly and remains juicy inside while roasting to a golden brown outside. Ensuring food safety is essential regardless of cooking technique, including roasting, grilling, rotisserie, and slow cooking methods. SINARDO 's Meat Thermometer, with large 2-inch easy-read face and safe temperature guides, takes accurate temperature readings (bet... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07F5CR9JV
    • UPC: 655779804955
    • ASIN: B07F5CR9JV
    • Brand: SINARDO
    • Size: Classic Meat, 2.5 Inch Face

  • CDN IRM200-Glow ProAccurate Meat/Poultry Ovenproof Thermometer - Set of 2

    120 to 200F/50 to 100C; NSF Certified; glow in the dark dial; extra large 2/5,1 cm dial; 5/12,7 cm stem; waterproof; ovenproof; roasts, meat & poultry; durable laboratory glass lens; target range indication; target marker; boil test field calibration; 304 stainless steel housing; temperature guide on thermometer

    • ASIN: B00XNW7B36
    • UPC: 781147165707
    • ASIN: B00XNW7B36
    • Brand: CDN
    • Manufacturer: CDN

  • ThermoPro TP-16 Large LCD Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer for Smoker Oven Kitchen Candy BBQ Grill Thermometer Clock Timer with Stainless Steel Temperature Probe, Standard, Silver

    Features: do not touch hot probe or wire with bare hands during or just after cooking. Always wear a heat-resistant glove.

    • ASIN: B017613C3C
    • UPC: 747090310434
    • ASIN: B017613C3C
    • Brand: ThermoPro
    • Size: Digital Food Meat Thermometer
    • Manufacturer: ThermoPro

  • ThermoPro TP-17 Dual Probe Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer Large LCD Backlight Food Grill Thermometer with Timer Mode for Smoker Kitchen Oven BBQ, Silver

    ThermoPro TP-17 meat thermometer allows an experienced or inexperienced cook to measure the internal temperature of their meat accurately and quickly. The grill thermometer equipped with dual-probe technology and comes with 2 stainless steel probes that can be used to read TWO types of food at the same time, making this device extremely convenient when rushing around cooking family dinner on Christmas or Thanksgiving. With the STEP-DOWN probe tip design and backlit LCD display, receiving and reading an accurate temperature is simple even in the darkest of conditions. Either place on your count... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07477NMF4
    • ASIN: B07477NMF4
    • Brand: ThermoPro
    • Size: Meat Thermometer for Grilling
    • Manufacturer: ThermoPro

  • Aveloki Roasting Meat Thermometer T729E,Stainless Steel Classic Fry Meat Thermometer,Silver Easy-Read Face for BBQ Household

    Aveloki Roasting Meat Thermometer is an invaluable addition to cooking utensils and chef tools for roasting all types of meat. From beef to poultry, pork, lamb, veal, and even game, using a meat thermometer helps gauge internal temperatures so food cooks properly and remains juicy inside while roasting to a golden brown outside. Ensuring food safety is essential regardless of cooking technique, including roasting, grilling, rotisserie, and slow cooking methods. Thermometer Specifications -Dimension: 2.20-inch dial.Heat pipe length:0.14*5inch(Φ*L) -Temperature range: 140 ~ 190 ℉ - Temperat... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07RGTV4DX
    • UPC: 667176706343
    • ASIN: B07RGTV4DX
    • Brand: Aveloki
    • Manufacturer: Aveloki-Direct

  • Aveloki Roasting Meat Thermometer,Stainless Steel Classic Fry Meat Thermometer,Silver Easy-Read Face For BBQ Household with Metal Clip

    Aveloki Roasting Meat Thermometer,best choice for your daily life, take control of the temperature for all meat like oil pan,Fry,Liquid,Milk Tea,Turkey,BBQ,Grill,poultry,pork,lamb,veal,etc.Ensuring food safety is essential regardless of cooking technique,you can always get exactly what you want. Cooking has never been easier. Dimension: 2.1 inch dial,42g for 11.8 inch probe,38g for 7.2inch for probe Measurement range: 10℃~290℃(50℉~+550℉) Stainless Steel material: rust-proof,heat-resisting and Waterproof Note: Do not use the thermometer over the operating temperature range or subjec... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07SN2FZNT
    • UPC: 760385269125
    • ASIN: B07SN2FZNT
    • Brand: Aveloki
    • Manufacturer: Aveloki-Direct

  • Skubayaki Meat Thermometer - Instant Read Digital Ultra Fast Waterproof Food Kitchen Ambidextrous Thermometer for Best BBQ Grill Smoker Baking Cooking Candy Large Auto Rotate LCD Long Probe Meat Chart

    Skubayaki Digital Instant-read Waterproof Meat Thermometer delivers accurate temperature reading for the best taste of your BBQ steak, baked turkey, tenderloins, brisket, poultry, meat, pork, cakes, soup, milk, etc.   Features Auto-rotate large backlight holds for 30secs Probe extends 240° for left and right-hand users Built-in bottle opener. Use loop for hanging Initial calibration holds for 1year. See user manual for details   Specifications Measuring range: -50°C to 300°C / -58°F to 572°F Accuracy: ±1°C at -20°C to200°C / ±1.8°F at -4°F to 392°F Case material: Eco-friendl... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07GBHZGZ6
    • UPC: 860000038300
    • ASIN: B07GBHZGZ6
    • Brand: Skubayaki
    • Manufacturer: Ovaflo Inc.

  • SMARTRO ST59 Digital Meat Thermometer for Oven BBQ Grill Kitchen Food Smoker Cooking with 2 Probes and Timer

    Get ready for a perfectly cooked meal with this cooking thermometer! Use it when grilling, baking, roasting, frying, smoking, BBQ, etc. 8 Types of Preset Meats:Beef, lamb, veal, fish, chicken, turkey, pork and burger 5 levels of Preset Doneness:Well done, medium well, medium, medium rare and rare If you are not satisfied with the preset temp, set your own! Press and hold "S/S" for a few seconds to make a custom temperature. It will beep when the temperature of the probe reaches the target temp. Compared with Black & White display, this one has color display with touch screen. The temperatur... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07DK6RW62
    • ASIN: B07DK6RW62
    • Brand: SMARTRO
    • Size: ST59
    • Manufacturer: SMARTRO

  • MeasuPro Instant Read Internal Meat Thermometer with Stainless Steel Probe, Digital Cooking Thermometer for Baking and Grilling, Programmed with USDA recommendations, Large LCD Display

    No More Flopped Dinners Cook restaurant style dinners at home! The MeasuPro food thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking beef, chicken and much more. Quick readings and superb accuracy makes this kitchen thermometer a household essential. Use it for baking, cooking, grilling and much more. Multitask Around the Kitchen Choose one of the preset foods and USDA cooking recommendations for rare, medium rare, medium and well done or program your own temperature. Once an option is selected you are free to do other things in the kitchen.  Digital meat thermometer will alert you with a beep onc... [Read More]

    • UPC: 700358199684
    • Brand: MeasuPro
    • Manufacturer: MeasuPro

  • Taylor Precision Products Classic Style Meat Dial Thermometer

    • ASIN: B00004XSC0
    • UPC: 172304304976
    • ASIN: B00004XSC0
    • Brand: Taylor Precision Products
    • Size: 5-1/2" Probe, 2-3/4" Dial
    • Manufacturer: Taylor Precision Products

  • Bluetooth Meat Thermometer for Grilling - Smart Wireless Kitchen Remote Instant Read BBQ Temperature Probe for Grill, Oven, Smoker, Cooking, Smoking Food w/ Digital LCD Display - NutriChef PWIRBBQ90

    NutriChef Model : PWIRBBQ90Smart Wireless BBQ ThermometerBluetooth BBQ Thermometer - Digital Kitchen & Outdoor Wireless Grill Thermometer with Smartphone App Monitoring Features:Smart Digital BBQ ThermometerWireless Remote Food Temperature DisplayGet Connected with the App & Monitor Temps from the CouchPrepare Savory Meals with Accurate & Reliable Temp ReadingsPerfect for Backyard BBQ Grilling & Smoking MeatsSimple & Hassle-Free OperationPortable, Battery Operated Wireless Thermometer DesignDigital LCD Display Screen for Convenient Temp ReadoutSingle Probe Temp Gauge StyleStainless Steel Probe... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07QLV53VB
    • UPC: 842893117492
    • ASIN: B07QLV53VB
    • Brand: NutriChef
    • Manufacturer: NutriChef

  • PHILORN Meat Thermometer | FDA Approval - IP64 Waterproof | Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer with Folding Probe, Backlit Screen, Magnet for Hanging, Ideal for Kitchen/Grilling/BBQ/Food/Turkey

    Philorn Instant Read Food Thermometer - Cook Like A Top Chef! - Are you tired of overcooking or undercooking meats and food? - Finally carving up the Thanksgiving turkey but find that it is still raw? From now on, no more overcooking or under-cooking. Philorn Food Thermometer is the most effective solution to get the most accurate temp of all typical cooking in 4-6 seconds only. Perfect for meats, milk, yogurt, liquids, candy, cake, baked goods and outdoor grills, BBQ. Why Us? We Are Unique! ☑ NO NEED TO PRESS ANY BUTTON: It will turns on automatically by unfold the probe and turns off by ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07C79XYXR
    • UPC: 713965723739
    • ASIN: B07C79XYXR
    • Brand: PHILORN
    • Manufacturer: PHILORN

  • KitchenBros Digital Food Thermometer Instant Read For Cooking Meat BBQ Turkey And Steak Grill Oven Smoker Safe With Alarm Timer 2 Stainless Steel Probe AAA Batteries Included

    thermometer meat cooking digital probe instant read oven grilling dual grill bbq smoker replacement grilling timer best long fork polder leave professional stainless temperature smart food kitchen high chef analog electronic clip temp alarm javelin gauge pro set commercial candy oil fry thermapen inch surface usa classic acurite heat deep waterproof talking electric multi scientific thermometer for beef yogurt pocket home meater outdoor holder quick magnet depot backlight holder magnet prop pot multiple steel glass folding frying liquid accurate safe magnetic made hot design cook good thermo s... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01N5H6U6N
    • UPC: 614042972357
    • ASIN: B01N5H6U6N
    • Brand: KitchenBros
    • Manufacturer: KitchenBros

  • ThermoPro TP03A Instant Read Food Meat Thermometer for Kitchen Cooking BBQ Grill Smoker

    ThermoPro: Cook Like A Pro Every Time!The ThermoPro TP-03A is an effective solution to achieve the most accurate temperature in a matter of seconds. The kitchen thermometer with a simplistic yet practical design, and a

    • UPC: 107083066
    • Model: TP03A
    • Color: Red
    • Rating: 4.659

  • ThermoPro TP-02S 5 Seconds Instant Read Meat Thermometer Digital Cooking Food Thermometer with Long Probe for Grill Candy Kitchen BBQ Smoker

    ThermoPro: Cook Like A Pro Every Time! With the ThermoPro TP02S Digital Meat Thermometer, you can monitor your next meal's internal temperature, ensuring that it is cooked to completion. Just insert the probe into the

    • UPC: 107434248
    • Model: TP02S
    • Color: GrayBlack Silver Grill Thermometer
    • Rating: 4.87

  • Weber Instant-Read Thermometer

    Never allow overdone meat to ruin your party. With the Weber Instant Read Thermometer you will know when your meat is ready to be taken off the grill without having to cut into your meat.

    • UPC: 176286273
    • Model: 6750
    • Color: Silver
    • Rating: 2.07

  • Meat Thermometer Probe Digital Grill Instant Read Food Cooking Grill Kitchen

    Descriptions :Open the probe to turn unit on. The LCD screen will turn on, display all options, and display the current probe temperature. To turn off, press the “ON/OFF” button or close the probe fully

    • UPC: 945036714
    • Rating: 3.5

  • Belmint Instant Read Digital Food Meat Thermometer for BBQ Grill Smoker Baking and Cooking with Foldable Probe

    Cut out all the guesswork with Belmint Digital Meat Thermometer Your Ideal Assistant for Cooking Any Meal to Perfection Ensuring your cooking process goes smoothly, a meat thermometer is a must-have which remains as the

    • UPC: 545133634
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Habor Meat Thermometer Digital Cooking Thermometer with 5 Second Instant Read-out for Kitchen, Grill, BBQ, Food, Steak, Turkey, Candy, Milk, Bath Water

    Bullet Points:5 SECONDS INSTANT READ: The cooking thermometer will instantly display precise temperature readings for meat, foods and liquids in 5 SECONDS.PROTECTIVE SHEATH FOR PROBE: Comes with a convenient plastic sheath with pen clip to

    • UPC: 544355043
    • Rating: 4.9

  • CDN High Heat Oven Thermometer 100 to 750F Ovenproof Durable 2"/5.1 CM Dial

    Take the guesswork out of cooking. Made of commercial grade stainless steel for long life. Wide base and two way hook allow it to be placed anywhere in oven. Measures temperatures from 100 to 750

    • UPC: 22939643
    • Model: POT750X
    • Color: Silver
    • Rating: 4.5

  • Fosmon Digital Cooking Thermometer Instant Read with Long Stainless Steel Probe & LCD Screen for Food, Meat, Kitchen, BBQ, Grill, Liquid, Oil

    Cook Like a ProPerfect for indoor/outdoor cooking, grilling, barbequing. Fosmon's digital thermometer allows you to cook meat to perfection, ensuring the perfect temperature every time you grill or cook. Works on a wide variety of

    • UPC: 378640653
    • Model: 51022HOM
    • Color: Bronze111
    • Size: 111
    • Rating: 3.5

  • ThermoPro TP-16 Large LCD Cooking Food Meat Thermometer for Smoker Oven Kitchen BBQ Grill Thermometer Clock Timer with Stainless Steel Temperature Prob

    ThermoPro - Cook Like A Pro Every Time! ThermoPro TP16 Meat Thermometer Product Description: The ThermoPro TP16 food thermometer enables inexperienced or experienced cooks to enjoy the simplest operation imaginable to measure the internal temperature

    • UPC: 606363294
    • Rating: 4.603

  • goodcook Meat Thermometer

    The Good Cook Meat Thermometer features a stainless steel

    • UPC: 25827357
    • Model: 25117
    • Color: Silver
    • Size: 0.050.05 lbs
    • Rating: 2.938

  • Habor CP1 Meat Thermometer Digital Cooking Thermometer [5.9 Inch Long Probe] ...

    • UPC: 391762352492
    • Category: Cooking Thermometers
    • Price: 10 USD

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