• Striking Back : The Trigeminal Neuralgia and Face Pain Handbook

    Published by TNA in 2004 and authored by George Weigel and Kenneth F. Casey, M.D., this handbook is written in layman's terms, describes all aspects of trigeminal neuralgia (TN) and facial pain, and provides vital information and resources for patients, family, friends and healthcare professionals. A must-have guide for every facial pain patient!

    • ASIN: 096723932X
    • ASIN: 096723932X
    • ISBN: 096723932X
    • Manufacturer: Trigeminal Neuralgia Association

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia BM123, 30mL, A Natural Remedy for Tic Delarue Helps Control Episodes of Face or Jaw Nerve Pain, Does Not Cause Drug Interactions, No Side Effects, Provides Non Drowsy Relief

    NEURALGIA TRIGEMINALttttComposition: ChlorpromazineD100+100C, CoccinellaD100+100C, Gnaphalium PolyD100+100C, HydrocotyleD100+100C, Salicylic AcidD100+100C, SyphilinumD100+100CttttIncreased sensory irritability, severe paroxysmal pain along the course of the nerve, sharp stabbing pain, tenderness often at the points of exist of the nerve. Attacks last from a few seconds to about a minute. The sufferers who have experienced severe trigeminal neuralgia, describe their pain as shooting, jabbing and

    • ASIN: B00MU5ECRA
    • ASIN: B00MU5ECRA
    • Brand: BestMade Natural Products
    • Manufacturer: BM

  • Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger and Bioperine. Vegan Joint Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, Anti-Aging Supplement with 10 milligrams of Black Pepper for Better Absorption. Natural Non-GMO

    • ASIN: B071YHWRNS
    • ASIN: B071YHWRNS
    • Brand: Vimerson Health
    • Manufacturer: Vimerson Health

  • Organic Shingles Symptoms Relief Cream - with Manuka Honey - Face Body Recovery Cream - Nerve Pain Relief - Rash, Rosacea & Eczema Relief - Relieve Itchy Dry Skin (4 oz) - Made in US

    "Within one minute the pain and itching were GONE!" "Within 48 hours I noticed the shingles began shrinking!" "It's really amazing! I can't believe how it works so well!" Get rid of the itching, pain, and even your shingles sores themselves with this Shingles Symptoms Relief Cream. Shingles is a frustrating, unsightly, and painful virus. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to achieve any kind of relief. Sometimes prescribed medications or ointments are used, but results vary widely and they don't work well as a long-term solution. Until DermaChange. Seeing so many struggles with shingles, ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00OI6071Y
    • UPC: 702685239293
    • ASIN: B00OI6071Y
    • Brand: DermaChange
    • Size: 4 Ounce
    • Manufacturer: DermaChange

  • NERVEX Neuropathy Pain Relief with Arnica, B1, B5, B6, Capsaicin, MSM. Soothe & Regenerate. Reduce Burning, Tingling, Numbness. Soothing Aloe and Coconut Oil Base

    Advanced Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy & Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Cream - Nervex Pain Treatment. Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy & Fibromyalgia can cause numbness, over-sensitivity, burning, or tingling in your feet or hands. Nervex is an odorless cream applied to your hands and/or feet to support relief of Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia. The discomfort caused by vitamin deficiencies, alcohol abuse, are best addressed by application of Nervex cream. Nerve damage is a serious condition that needs to be addressed by medical professionals. Using Nervex cream is a safe, n... [Read More]

    • UPC: 182273000199
    • Brand: Vita Sciences
    • Size: airless pump bottle
    • Manufacturer: Vita Sciences

  • New Chapter Joint Supplement + Herbal Pain Relief - Zyflamend Whole Body for Healthy Inflammation Response - 60 ct

    Is your joint supplement relieving pain? Zyflamend works on pain right where it starts—keeping in check the inflammation response that impacts joint comfort and mobility.*+ Zyflamend is an excellent herbal complement to glucosamine, which is a cartilage supplement that does not address inflammation. New Chapter’s #1-selling herbal blend gives you 4-in-1 complete benefits: supporting healthy inflammation response, mobility, flexibility, and overall joint support and comfort.* Expertly formulated with 10 synergistic herbs including potent Ginger, Turmeric, and Green Tea.*+ (+ with Ginger for... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B014GSWD9W
    • UPC: 727783040572
    • ASIN: B014GSWD9W
    • Brand: New Chapter
    • Size: 60 count
    • Manufacturer: New Chapter

  • Anbesol Pain Relief, Instant, Maximum Strength, Liquid

    Benzocaine 20%/oral anesthetic. Toothaches; gum pain; canker sores; denture pain. Doctor recommended. Dentist strong so the pain is gone.

    • ASIN: B000Y1FY10
    • UPC: 305730215411
    • ASIN: B000Y1FY10
    • Brand: Anbesol
    • Size: 0.41
    • Manufacturer: Anbesol

  • Forces of Nature -Natural, Organic Nerve Pain Relief (4ml) Non GMO, No Harmful Chemicals -Fast Acting Anti-Inflammatory Relief for Pain Associated with Sciatica, Diabetes, Shingles, Neuropathy

    Nerve Pain Management is an advanced treatment to ease shooting nerve pain from sciatica, diabetes, or shingles. It is for topical application and formulated to provide rapid and long-term results. All natural and certified organic, it is truly one of a kind. St. Johns Wort, Coffea cruda, and Silicea extracts blended together deliver powerful results to heal shooting or stabbing pain in the nerve endings.

    • ASIN: B01M0LMMLW
    • UPC: 830743011250
    • ASIN: B01M0LMMLW
    • Brand: Forces Of Nature
    • Size: 4ml
    • Manufacturer: Forces of Nature, Inc.

  • Toothache & Nerve Pain in Jaw Bio23, 300 pellets, for Relief of Trigeminal Neuralagia Associated Muscle Spasms, Painful Cavities, Tooth Sensitivity and Pain After Dental Work

    All-natural relief from jaw pain associated with TMJ and Trigeminal Neuralgia Bestmade Bio23 is a preparation of mineral salts in safe, easy-to-swallow tablets. Our proprietary blend of Ferr Phos, Mag Phos and Calc Fluor reduces pain and inflammation brought on by dental surgery or the occurrence of TMJ or Trigeminal Neuralgia. The anti-spasmodic properties of Bestmade Bio23 ease the involuntary muscle contractions that lead to pain in the jaw joint. Mineral supplementation aids in the regeneration of nerves and tooth enamel after drilling or oral surgery There are 200 tablets per bottle, ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00MW56ERO
    • ASIN: B00MW56ERO
    • Brand: BestMade Natural Products
    • Manufacturer: BM

  • I Wear Teal For Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness T-Shirt Tee

    I Wear Teal For Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness T-Shirt Tee For Men, Women, And Youth. Click on "Add To Cart" To Buy Now!

    • ASIN: B07MQS45J5
    • ASIN: B07MQS45J5
    • Brand: Tee Me Up Trigeminal Neuralgia
    • Size: Male Medium
    • Manufacturer: Tee Me Up Trigeminal Neuralgia

  • Ted's Pain Gel roll-on UNSCENTED

    The breakthrough pain product invented by a neuroscience professor, now in gel form. Two ingredients in Ted's Pain Gel (trolamine salicylate and resveratrol from grape leaves or Japanese knotweed) appear to work together in a brand new, previously unknown way. Unlike other topical treatments, Ted's doesn't numb your nerves, nor does it simply distract you with menthol or heat. According to Dr. Ted Price's peer-reviewed research, it appears to reset hypersensitive nerves to their pre-injury state, eliminating false pain, while allowing important, true pain signals to still make it through. Ted... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07H13P1L6
    • ASIN: B07H13P1L6
    • Brand: Ted's
    • Manufacturer: Ted's Brain Science

  • PerfeCore Facial Mask - Get Rid of Puffy Eyes - Migraine Relief, Sleeping, Travel Therapeutic Hot Cold Compress Pack - Gel Beads, Spa Therapy Wrap for Sinus Pressure Face Puffiness Headaches - Purple

    Tired of puffy eyes? Can't seem to get rid of that annoying headache? Want to have a luxurious spa day at home?Soothe and relieve pain and ease stress away! PerfeCore Eye and Face Masks unique hot and cold Dual Action property deliver quick and effective soothing relief. PerfeCore Masks provide natural relief for ailments. Simply freeze for flexible cold therapy or microwave for aches. Contoured with cutouts for eyes or the option to use as a sleep mask. Treat yourself or someone special to a truly extravagant bath and body beauty gift. PerfeCore Therapeutics make for a perfect addition to an... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0751FW5YL
    • UPC: 785123445821
    • ASIN: B0751FW5YL
    • Brand: Perfecore
    • Manufacturer: Perfecore

  • Peony and Licorice Extract (Shao Yao Gan Cao Wan) 200 Pills X 12

    Main indications: Use for deficiency fo yin and the blood. Helps alleviate pain caused by different conditions effectively, such as gastralgia, abdominal pain, and painful menstruation. Directions: Take 8 pills 3 times a day. Packing: 200 pills / bottle. Ingredients: Chinese peony {Shao Yao} (root), Chinese licorice {Gan Cao} (root) Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

    • ASIN: B00GKH7UKA
    • UPC: 731531010342
    • ASIN: B00GKH7UKA
    • Manufacturer: Lanzhou Traditional Herbs

  • Headache Relief Essential Oil Blend (Migraine) 10 ml 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade. (Blend of: Lavender Dalmatia, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Frankincense, Marjoram, Rosemary)

    Head Ease Synergy: Blended with pure ★ Lavender Dalmatia (Lavandula angustifolia x Lavandula latifolia) ★ Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) ★ Wintergreen (Gaultheria Procumbens) ★ Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata) ★ Marjoram (Thymus mastichina) ★ Spanish rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Characteristics: This blend has a combination powerful anti inflammatory oils. Great when diluted and applied on the temples for migranes and headaches. Also helps fight tension, so you can relax. The perfect antidote to a hectic day. Useful for sore muscles, relaxation, head stress, migranes, and overa... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B014GC6J34
    • UPC: 619159818178
    • ASIN: B014GC6J34
    • Brand: Plant Guru
    • Size: 10 ml.
    • Manufacturer: Plant Guru

  • Redd Remedies - Nerve Shield, Nerve Support for a Healthy Myelin Sheath and Nerve Structure, 120 Count

    Nerve Shield is a powerful formula that addresses multiple systems to promote healthy nerve function. Nerve Shield provides nutrients that support a healthy myelin sheath and overall nerve structure as well as supports healthy circulation and immune system function.

    • ASIN: B004YR0CIK
    • UPC: 855735001170
    • ASIN: B004YR0CIK
    • Brand: Redd Remedies
    • Size: 120
    • Manufacturer: Redd Remedies

  • MagniLife Leg & Back Pain Relief Dissolving Tablets, 125 count

    • UPC: 46280773
    • Model: SRT-247
    • Size: 2323 oz
    • Rating: 3.37

  • Vicks VapoRub Original Cough Suppressant Topical Analgesic Ointment 3.53 oz, Best used for relief from cold symptoms, aches, and pains

    Vicks VapoRub medicated vapors begin to work fast to relieve your

    • UPC: 10416120
    • Model: 2390000362
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 33.53
    • Rating: 4.442

  • Motrin IB, Ibuprofen 200mg Tablets for Pain & Fever Relief, 225 ct.

    Motrin IB Ibuprofen Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer Coated Caplets temporarily relieve minor aches and pains due to: headache; muscular aches; minor pain of arthritis; toothache; backache; the common cold; menstrual cramps. They temporarily reduce

    • UPC: 10294203
    • Model: 48162
    • Color: NAOther
    • Size: 225225 Count
    • Rating: 4.63

  • Vicks VapoRub Original Cough Suppressant, Topical Analgesic Ointment, 1.76 oz, Best used for relief from cold symptoms, aches, and pains

    This product may be FSA eligible. Learn more about

    • UPC: 10316196
    • Model: 2390000361
    • Color: MulticolorMulti
    • Size: 11.76 oz
    • Rating: 4.456

  • Motrin IB, Ibuprofen 200mg Tablets for Pain & Fever Relief, 100 ct.

    Motrin IB Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer temporarily relieves minor aches and pains due to headache, muscular aches, minor pain of arthritis, toothache, backache, menstrual cramps, and the common cold. It also temporarily reduces fever. Each Motrin

    • UPC: 893339
    • Model: 048101
    • Color: NAOther
    • Size: 100
    • Rating: 4.623

  • Excedrin Tension Headache Aspirin-Free Caplets for Head, Neck, and Shoulder Pain Relief, 100 count

    Use Excedrin Tension Headache Pain Reliever Caplets to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains due to: headache; muscular

    • UPC: 10294270
    • Model: 44058930
    • Size: 100
    • Rating: 4.765

  • Postherpetic Neuralgia Numbing Gel – Superior Pain And Itch Relief (2 Oz)

    What makes Superior Pain and Itch Relief By Naturally HL BLOW AWAY the competition? Its simple, REALLY SIMPLE! We TORE OUT all the cheap chemical fillers, used by many of our competitors, and REBUILT our

    • UPC: 569199517
    • Size: 22 oz
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Vicks VapoRub Original Cough Suppressant, Topical Analgesic Ointment, 6 oz, Best used for relief from cold symptoms, aches, and pains

    Vicks VapoRub medicated vapors begin to work fast to relieve your cough. Use on chest and throat; temporarily relieves cough due to common cold. Also great for use as a topical analgesic to relieve minor

    • UPC: 46008976
    • Model: 323900000155
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 1
    • Rating: 4.379

  • Extra Strength for Enhanced Pain Relief, 40 Ct

    Percogesic for Enchanced Relief of

    • UPC: 46108637
    • Model: 375137004970
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 1
    • Rating: 5.0


    Urinary Tract Defense, Tablets, Box 24 CT Other Information: Each tablet contains 25 mg of sodium. Store at 59-86 degrees F (15-30 degrees C) in a dry place. Protect from light. Tamper Evident: Tablets sealed

    • UPC: 50274881
    • Model: 78765176011
    • Size: 2323 oz
    • Rating: 4.69

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia: Frequently Asked Questions

    Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia

    Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain Relieving Surgery