• Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen (Weed-Infused Treats, Cannabis Cookbook, Sweet and Savory Cannabis Recipes)

    Bring cannabis into your kitchen with these tasty recipes for bite-sized, low-dose treatsA tasty and unique collection of cannabis recipes: This collection of 30 bite-sized, low-dose recipes ventures boldly beyond pot brownies with tasty, unique, and innovative treats. Designed for bakers of all skill levels, Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen includes simple recipes like Spiced Superfood Truffles alongside more advanced recipes like Strawberry Jam Pavlovas - all brought to life with vibrant photography.How to make magical butter and cannabis oils: Complete with instructions ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1452170444
    • ASIN: 1452170444
    • ISBN: 1452170444
    • Manufacturer: Chronicle Books

  • The Easy Cannabis Cookbook: 60+ Medical Marijuana Recipes for Sweet and Savory Edibles

    The definitive guide to making easy, everyday cannabis edibles for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.Cannabis edibles have come a long way from brownies and cookies. Just ask Cheri Sicard, nicknamed the “Martha Stewart of weed” by The Daily Beast, who serves up the most definitive guide to cooking with cannabis in The Easy Cannabis Cookbook. Featuring a comprehensive introduction to the history and benefits of cannabis, a fool-proof guide to finding your perfect dose, and 60 reliable recipes that redefine stoner eats, this cookbook makes eating homemade edibles easy.The Easy Cannabis C... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1939754321
    • ASIN: 1939754321
    • ISBN: 1939754321
    • Manufacturer: Althea Press

  • Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations

    Create your own cannabis infused cocktails!Combining cannabis and cocktails is a hot new trend, and Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics shows you how. Featuring a collection of 75 recipes of cannabis influenced cocktails and drinks; The Cocktail Whisperer Warren Bobrow will show you the essential instructions for de-carbing cannabis to release its full psychoactive effect. Learn the history of cannabis as a social drug and its growing acceptance to becoming a medicinal. Look beyond cocktails and create successful tonics, syrups, shrubs, bitters, compound butter and exotic infused oil to use... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1592337341
    • ASIN: 1592337341
    • ISBN: 1592337341
    • Manufacturer: Fair Winds Press

  • Beginner's Cannabis Cookbook:: 80+ Delicious Medical Marijuana recipes for Sweet and Tasty Edibles

    • ASIN: 1095996053
    • ASIN: 1095996053
    • ISBN: 1095996053
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

  • Sweet Mary Jane: 75 Delicious Cannabis-Infused High-End Desserts

    “The Martha Stewart of weed baking” (New York magazine) offers a beautifully photographed, gourmet guide to baking with marijuana.   From her Sweet Mary Jane bakery in Boulder, Colorado, Karin Lazarus has made it her mission to bring flavor, passion and innovation to a cuisine previously best known for pot brownies. Using premium medicinal marijuana, good-quality chocolates, real butter, and other natural whole foods and adventurous ingredients, Lazarus has won legions of loyal fans with sophisticated treats like Smashing Pumpkin White Chocolate-Pumpkin Bars, Sweet Temptation Mango Sorbet... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 158333565X
    • ASIN: 158333565X
    • ISBN: 158333565X
    • Brand: Avery Publishing Group
    • Manufacturer: Avery

  • CBD Every Day: How to Make Cannabis-Infused Massage Oils, Bath Bombs, Salves, Herbal Remedies, and Edibles

    CBD is the essential herbal supplement of the twenty-first century that everyone is talking about!  Have you been curious about cannabis, but skeptical of "getting stoned"? Have you tried cannabis, but the psychoactive effects were uncomfortable? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the high? From a mild tingle to completely sober, Sandra Hinchliffe introduces a new world of cannabis pleasure and healing that you can experience every day!  CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, a much publicized and well-known cannabinoid from the cannabis plant, is loved by many cannabis ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1510743685
    • ASIN: 1510743685
    • ISBN: 1510743685
    • Brand: Skyhorse
    • Manufacturer: Skyhorse

  • DIY Cannabis-Infused Candy & Desserts: Recipes From Around the World: Easy to Follow Recipe Guide for THC infused Candy, Ice-cream, Muffins, Cookies, Brownies & So Much More!

    DIY Cannabis-Infused Candy & Desserts: Recipes From Around the WorldEasy to Follow Recipe Guide for THC infused Candy, Ice-cream, Muffins, Cookies, Brownies & So Much More!We all know that there are places where we can’t just “light one up.” But more importantly, what about that sweet craving we all get from time to time? What if we can combine the two? Yes!! We can, and we did!I have been researching (actually playing) with various extraction methods to get the purest form of CBD and THC and using them to make various sweets, candies, and other yummy stuff.I must admit that I am fascina... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1729231764
    • ASIN: 1729231764
    • ISBN: 1729231764
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

  • A Woman's Guide to Cannabis: Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better-and Get High Like a Lady

    If you’ve heard about the self-care benefits of cannabis for pain, anxiety, and mood improvement—particularly for women—but have been overwhelmed by it all, your guide is here.   Harnessing the amazing wellness properties of cannabis can make you feel and look your best. This entertaining, expert guide for women of all ages will demystify the world of weed and show you how to find just what you’re looking for—whether it’s freedom from aches and pains or a fit of giggles.   Find the right dose to relieve anxiety, depression, inflammation, and mitigate signs of aging. Boost moods, ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B079VV42FW
    • ASIN: B079VV42FW
    • Manufacturer: Workman Publishing Company

  • The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine

    The foodie’s guide to cannabis: a smart, sophisticated, and beautifully illustrated cookbook for at-home chefs wanting to safely create and experience their own edibles.JeffThe420Chef is revolutionizing the world of edibles. He first began cooking with cannabis to help a close friend’s mother manage the pain, nausea, and discomfort from her cancer treatments. Over time, he developed a specific process that effectively neutralizes the smell and taste of cannabis when infusing it into butters and oils, leading to a new understanding of edibles and their potential for medicinal use.In The 420... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0062445057
    • ASIN: 0062445057
    • ISBN: 0062445057
    • Brand: Harperwave
    • Manufacturer: Harper Wave

  • Marijuana Edibles: 40 Easy and Delicious Cannabis-Infused Desserts

    A full-color book of marijuana-based desserts, candies, and sweet-and-salty treats. Fun, yet practical, Marijuana Edibles demystifies the edibles cooking process, covering the two most popular extraction methods. Make your own weed-infused butter and coconut oil, then use your infusions in 40 different perfectly-dosed, delicious desserts. Eating or ingesting marijuana rather than inhaling it gives a longer, more-powerful high, spares your lungs, and allows you to partake in private. This makes it perfect for patients who need steady relief from pain, as well as for people who just want to a... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1465449647
    • ASIN: 1465449647
    • ISBN: 1465449647
    • Manufacturer: Alpha

  • DIY Cannabis Extracts: Marijuana Extraction Guide - Step by Step (Cannabis Extraction, Marijuana Extracts, Marijuana Edibles, Cannabis Oil)

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Extracting Cannabis Products! If you have ever wanted to learn more about the different extracts which can be taken from cannabis plants, or the processes behind extracting your own cannabis products, then this is the book you’ve probably been waiting for. DIY Cannabis Extracts, Marijuana Extraction Guide is a simple and informative manual to getting everything you want from your cannabis plants, allowing you to become self-sufficient. In just 5 in-depth chapters, you will discover: A comprehensive background to cannabis extractsThe various extraction methods for cann... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1542831296
    • ASIN: 1542831296
    • ISBN: 1542831296
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

  • Cannabis Cookbook: Quick and Simple Medical Marijuana Edible Recipes

    **Buy the Paperback version of this book and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE**Discover the art and science of making easy, delicious cannabis edibles with this definitive guide to cannabis cuisine.Cannabis cuisine has evolved beyond basic cookies and brownies and is quickly becoming one of the hottest culinary trends. With the legalization of marijuana in many parts of the world, coupled with the gradual acceptance and the lessening of the social stigma associated with marijuana, it's easy to see why.Just one problem.Too many people, especially beginners and even the occasional... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1092860967
    • ASIN: 1092860967
    • ISBN: 1092860967
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

  • Cannabis Cookbook: A Comprehensive Cannabis Cooking Guide with 100 Recipes for Cannabis-Infused Edibles, for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, Snacks, Candies, Beverages, & Cocktails

    **Buy the new Paperback version today and receive the Kindle version absolutely FREE!100 Delicious Quick & Easy Edibles Recipes for Cooking with Cannabis!It’s becoming more apparent that Cannabis has a host of therapeutic properties that many people can benefit from, including those suffering from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and more. As Cannabis legalization evolves, more and more people are discovering the myriad of ways that Cannabis can enhance their health and wellness.Cooking creative and delicious edibles is often the best way to consume Cannabis:Far better... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07QPSJ9CM
    • ASIN: B07QPSJ9CM
    • Manufacturer: TGB Media Inc.

  • Cooking with Cannabis: Delicious Recipes for Edibles and Everyday Favorites

    Laurie Wolf is “The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles” –The New YorkerThe benefits of marijuana for treating symptoms of severe illnesses are immeasurable. People with AIDS, cancer, neurological issues, arthritis, anxiety, depression, glaucoma, and many other illnesses are turning to cannabis to avoid the powerful and unpleasant side effects that often come with traditional medications. An easy way to incorporate cannabis into your life is to include it in your everyday diet.Ingest your marijuana in a wide range of delicious foods with Cooking with Cannabis. Featuring step-by-step phot... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1631591169
    • ASIN: 1631591169
    • ISBN: 1631591169
    • Brand: Quarry Books
    • Manufacturer: Quarry Books

  • The Medical Marijuana Dispensary: Understanding, Medicating, and Cooking with Cannabis

    “It’s a category that used to begin and end with the bone-dry pot brownie, served in a college dorm room. Laurie Wolf is a leader in its gourmet revolution.”―“The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles,” The New Yorker magazineThe use of medical marijuana has been a valuable resource in the treatment of various conditions. But for many, the stigma and misinformation surrounding the medical or recreational use of cannabis is a deterrent in trying it for themselves. Part reference guide, part cannabis cookbook, The Medical Marijuana Dispensary will arm you with everything you need to d... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1623156807
    • ASIN: 1623156807
    • ISBN: 1623156807
    • Brand: Wolf Laurie
    • Manufacturer: Althea Press

  • Florida Fruit & Vegetable Gardening : Plant, Grow, and Harvest the Best Edibles

    Plant, grow, and harvest the best edibles for your garden!Florida Fruit & Vegetable Gardening is an easy-to-use guide to growing edibles in the Sunshine State. Full-color images illustrate the more than 25 fruits and berries

    • UPC: 42079836

  • Best Roses, Herbs, and Edible Flowers

    A quick-reference guide to roses, herbs, and edible flowers for gardeners with little experience and

    • UPC: 313332188

  • Carolinas Fruit & Vegetable Gardening : How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest the Best Edibles

    No matter where you live within North or South Carolina, you'll discover the best edible plants for your garden in this beautiful step-by-step how-to guide--and they'll be on your table before you know

    • UPC: 23366390

  • Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening : Plant, Grow, and Harvest the Best Edibles

    Presents an introduction to gardening in the Southwestern states, with discussions on soil preparation, equipment, and garden maintenance, with planting and harvesting information on individual fruits and

    • UPC: 29454445

  • Medical Edibles: A guide to cooking with medicinal cannabis

    Many people struggling with chronic medical conditions can attest to the ineffectiveness of pharmaceuticals and the unpleasant side effects that such drugs cause. In his cookbook Medical Edibles, culinary artist Tim Jacquard explores how

    • UPC: 237759596

  • Adventures With Cannabis Edibles - eBook

    This book is a collection of personal experiences with medical marijuana taken in edible form, along with recipes, dosages, and recommendations for using cannabis in cooking.Effects are important, but so is taste! Old Hippie explains

    • UPC: 889841222

  • Southern Fruit & Vegetable Gardening : Plant, Grow, and Harvest the Best Edibles

    If you live in the Southern United States, you'll discover the best edible plants for your garden in this beautiful step-by-step how-to guide--and they'll be on your table before you know

    • UPC: 23366388

  • Northwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening : Plant, Grow, and Harvest the Best Edibles: Oregon, Washington, Northern California, British Columbia

    If you live in the Northwest, you'll discover the best edible plants for your garden in this beautiful step-by-step how-to guide--and they'll be on your table before you know

    • UPC: 23366398

  • It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be : The world's best selling book

    Offers advice on how to accomplish personal goals and succeed by utilizing one's full potential, exploring such topics as blame, creativity, success, and

    • UPC: 2162608
    • Rating: 4.0

  • Best Roses, Herbs, and Edible Flowers - eBook

    A quick-reference guide to roses, herbs, and edible flowers for gardeners with little experience and time.Roses represent love and beauty. Their colors and fragrance create the standard by which many other flowers are measured. Cultivated

    • UPC: 906031141

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