• Peppermint Spray Oil Use to Naturally Repel Mice, Ants, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Roaches and Other Insects; 8.2oz

    100% PURE PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL Includes One, 8.2oz PET Plastic Bottle with 1 Trigger Sprayer and Travel Cap. IMPORTANT: This Peppermint oil ships 100% pure. To avoid skin irritation, we strongly suggest diluting your oil for all external skin applications using the 2% dilution guideline; which is 2% of pure peppermint oil to 98% carrier oil, or about 12 drops of peppermint oil to 1 oz of carrier oil. For other than external skin applications (i.e. bug sprays), we recommend a 50/50% dilution.A safe and natural repellent to many home invading insects such as ants, spiders, scorpions, mice, m... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0771QK6D5
    • UPC: 728072517409
    • ASIN: B0771QK6D5
    • Brand: Natura Bona
    • Size: 8.2 Oz
    • Manufacturer: Natura Bona

  • Combat Roach Killing Bait, Large Roach Bait Station, 8 Count

    Combat Roach Killing Bait is specially designed for large roaches, waterbugs, and palmetto bugs. Kill the nest, getting rid of cockroach problems at the source with this specially designed large roach bait product long-lasting formula with the powerful insecticide, containing Hydramethylnon. Easy-to-use, no-mess baits do not require activation. Simply place them wherever you see or have seen roaches and relax while they kill non-stop day and night. Best used in areas like under sinks, behind toilets, and behind appliances, killing the ones you see and the ones you don't roaches kills roaches a... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0012XH8WM
    • UPC: 041294419130
    • ASIN: B0012XH8WM
    • Brand: Combat
    • Size: 8 Count Large
    • Manufacturer: Dial Corporation

  • Organic Home Insect Spray Repellent. An Effective Eco Friendly Solution with No Harmful Chemicals. A Natural Bug Spray to Get Rid of Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Beetles, Moths, Mice & Other Pests; 24oz

    ALL-NATURAL ORGANIC HOME BUG REPELLENT SPRAY Natura Bona's BUG-EX will get rid of your roach problem fast along with many other disgusting home invading bugs without the harmful effect of commercial pesticides. This all organic repellent product has been tested to work effectively against all crawling invading bugs gaining access to your home that bring in diseases. A safe potent organic formula in a 24-ounce spray bottle that will last you a long time. Just a little spray in key areas such as kitchen floor corners, laundry room, bathrooms & other areas were you have visually seen them will do... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01LXGJYT3
    • UPC: 690443527839
    • ASIN: B01LXGJYT3
    • Brand: Natura Bona
    • Size: 24 oz
    • Manufacturer: Natura Bona

  • EcoBugBye Natural Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Indoor - 4 Pack Pest Control, Electronic Plug-in Repellent for Insects, Rodents, Mice, Rats, Roaches, Spiders, Flies, Ants, Eco-Friendly, Humans&Pets Safe

    It's Time To Get Rid Of Insects In Your House FOREVER! No More Spending Thousands Dollars on Pest Control Services Anymore Features - Repels Insects, Bugs, Ants, Mice, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Rats, and More - Without Chemicals & Environment-friendly - Standard Wall Plug-In - Indoor Use Only - Ultrasonic Frequency: 22-65KHz - Power Source: AC90-250V - Power: 5-6W 100% Money Back Guaranteed If the device doesn't solve your pest control issues within 60 days, we will refund 100% of your purchase, no questions asked. Are pests living and growing in your home, between the walls, in ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B071CJ5HH6
    • UPC: 650003715458
    • ASIN: B071CJ5HH6
    • Brand: EcoBugBye
    • Manufacturer: What's New

  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - 5 Pack + 1 FREE . Non-Chemical Sound Waves. Child & Pet Safe. Plug In Eco-Friendly Pests Control + Night Light for Rodents, Insects, Mice, Roaches, Spiders, Ants & More

    Set of 6 Pest Aside Ultrasonic Repellers is the Top Choice for Safe & Eco-Friendly Pest Control:   Looking for an inexpensive, continuous and effective solution to rid your home of pests? Want to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in your house? Would you rather not have to clean up dead insects and rodents from traps?   Pest Aside Repellent uses revolutionary technology, producing an innovative breakthrough in rodent control. It uses fluctuating high-frequency sound waves to keep your home free of annoying and gross pests.   FEATURES & BENEFITS  Largest coverage area up to 3,900 Sq. Ft... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01NB1M74A
    • UPC: 712376848079
    • ASIN: B01NB1M74A
    • Brand: Pest Aside
    • Size: 3.94 x 2.36 x 1.3 in
    • Manufacturer: SoulFino

  • RODENT SHERIFF Pest Control Spray - Ultra-Pure Mint Spray - Repels Mice, Raccoons, Ants, and More - Made in USA (2)

    A powerful spray made in the USA from a handcrafted peppermint formula. You'll love its long-lasting minty fresh scent, but mice, roaches, raccoons and other rodents hate it. So the minute they get a whiff, they head for the hills. And since it's a natural formula, you can even spray it around your garden, around trash cans, vehicles, garages, storage areas, attics, entry points around your house... or anywhere these unwanted critters hang out. Each 8oz bottle contains 1,000 sprays!

    • ASIN: B01HEHE28W
    • UPC: 688168515200
    • ASIN: B01HEHE28W
    • Manufacturer: Rodent Sheriff

  • Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control Home and Patio Spray 32 oz Peppermint

    Wondercide's natural Indoor Pest Control for Home + Patio is a ready-to-use spray that effectively kills and repels 100's of pests, fast. Unlike chemical treatment options that can be toxic to your family and the environment, Wondercide Indoor Pest Control is made from 100% naturally-derived ingredients. It's non-toxic and completely safe for use in food prep areas because it's made from human food-grade ingredients. Indoor Pest Control is eco-friendly, free of harsh chemicals and can be used where kids and pets play.>Kills by contact and repels: ants, roaches, stink bugs, spiders, moths, scor... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0764VD7ZW
    • UPC: 019962895524
    • ASIN: B0764VD7ZW
    • Brand: Wondercide
    • Size: 32 OZ
    • Manufacturer: Wondercide

  • Hot Shot No-Pest Strip, Kills Flying And Crawling Insects, Penetrating Vapor, 1-Count

    • ASIN: B0019BK8AG
    • UPC: 758710428996
    • ASIN: B0019BK8AG
    • Brand: Hot Shot
    • Size: Each
    • Manufacturer: Hot Shot

  • MDXconcepts Organic Home Pest Control Spray - Kills & Repels, Ants, Roaches, Spiders, and Other Pests Guaranteed - All Natural Insect Killer - Child & Pet Safe - Indoor/Outdoor Spray - 16oz

    Wondering why pests enjoy your home space as much as you do? It is highly likely that pests can be found in rubbish including food scrap, septic tanks, pools of water caused by drains or homes with unclean tables/kitchens. The home pest control spray by MDXconcepts invades, kills and thus eliminates all kinds of pest infestations by ants, fleas, earwigs, stink bugs, mites, scorpions etc. You also need not to worry about the harmful fumes of pesticides because it is not only made of essential oils but is 100% organic. The pest control spray is not only fast in action but also long lasting. All ... [Read More]

    • UPC: 696302736244
    • Brand: mdxconcepts

  • Artizen Peppermint Essential Oil (100% Pure & Natural - UNDILUTED) Therapeutic Grade - Huge 1oz Bottle - Perfect for Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Repel M

    100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil NOTE ON ESSENTIAL OILS: Essential Oils are CLEAR. Essential Oils have a thin, water-like consistency.Although we bottle our oils in colored glass bottles to protect them from UV light damage, the oils themselves are always clear in color. This is normal, all essential oils are clear. Also, although "Essential Oil" has the word "oil" in it, which can bring to mind a thicker substance more like, for example, olive oil, Essential Oils actually have a very thin consistency and are more like the consistency of water - they do not present as 'oily'.

    • ASIN: B06Y2CLF3T
    • UPC: 819252020069
    • ASIN: B06Y2CLF3T
    • Brand: Artizen
    • Size: 1 Fl. Oz
    • Manufacturer: Artizen

  • advion 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Insecticide Bait Gel, Kill German, American, Australian, Smoky, Brown

    Advion cockroach gel, from syngenta, is the most popular german roach bait on the market. The roach poison in advion, indoxacarb, is safe for use in even the most sensitive of application sites. When used in combination with cockroach taps advion will exterminate all cockroach infestation. Watch our video on how to get rid of roaches below.

    • ASIN: B00730QW70
    • UPC: 094922545770
    • ASIN: B00730QW70
    • Brand: advion
    • Manufacturer: SYNGENTA

  • Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Fly Gun - Direct from Patent Holder

    BUG-A-SALT 2.0 is a unique, patented insect eradication device, which shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies on contact. A surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task. Rid your house of all those pesky pests and have a blast while doing it. The 2.0 model is excellent for flies on windows or screens, and will not damage screens or furniture. This model is recommended for soft-bodied insects like common houseflies, mosquitos, pestilent/poisonous spiders, small to medium-sized roaches, and moths. For use by responsible people only. Do not shoot at pets, or humans. No ho... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07B8YW192
    • ASIN: B07B8YW192
    • Brand: Bug-A-Salt
    • Manufacturer: Skell Inc.

  • Peppermint Oil Spray.100% Pure Premium Quality, Undiluted. Use to Naturally Repel Ants, Spiders, Mice, Mosquitoes, Many Other Critters Invading Your Home. (4oz Cobalt Dropper/Trigger Sprayer Bottle)

    100% PURE PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OILIncludes 1, 4oz Cobalt Glass Bottle with 1 White Trigger Sprayer, 1 Travel Cap and 1 Glass Dropper (To use interchangeably, depending on your needs).IMPORTANT: This Peppermint oil ships 100% pure. To avoid skin irritation, we strongly suggest diluting your oil for all topical applications using the 2% dilution guideline; which is 2% of pure peppermint oil to 98% carrier oil, or about 12 drops of peppermint oil to 1 oz of carrier oil. For other than topical applications (i.e. bug sprays), we recommend a 50/50% dilution. A safe and natural repellent to many home... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0745HFFVF
    • UPC: 728072516280
    • ASIN: B0745HFFVF
    • Brand: Natura Bona
    • Size: 4 Ounces
    • Manufacturer: Natura Bona®

  • Pure Peppermint Spray Oil - Use at Home to Naturally Repel Ants, Spiders, Mice, Mosquitoes, Roaches and More. (8 oz Trigger Spray/Flip Top Pourer)

    100% PURE PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL Includes One, 8.3oz HDPE Hard Plastic Bottle with 1 Flip-Top Dispenser and 1 Trigger Sprayer (To use interchangeably, depending on your needs). IMPORTANT: This Peppermint oil ships 100% pure. To avoid skin irritation, we strongly suggest diluting your oil for all topical applications using the 2% dilution guideline; which is 2% of pure peppermint oil to 98% carrier oil, or about 12 drops of peppermint oil to 1 oz of carrier oil. For other than topical applications (i.e. bug sprays), we recommend a 50/50% dilution.A safe and natural repellent to many home inva... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B06XP137LF
    • UPC: 728072514705
    • ASIN: B06XP137LF
    • Brand: Natura Bona
    • Size: 8 Oz
    • Manufacturer: Natura Bona®

  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Easy & Humane Way to Reject Rodents Ants Cockroaches Beds Bugs Mosquitos Fly Spiders Rats & Buts - Eco-Friendly & Safe for Human & Home Pets - 2 in Pack


    • ASIN: B07RDC2XQQ
    • UPC: 786530728316
    • ASIN: B07RDC2XQQ
    • Brand: BRISON
    • Manufacturer: Brison

  • Raid Ant & Roach Killer 26, Lemon Scent, 17.5 oz

    Raid Ant and Roach Lemon Scent Aerosol spray is the easy way to eliminate pests. This insecticide spray kills bugs in two ways - direct contact and residual action. Spray this bug killer inside cracks

    • UPC: 11027614
    • Model: 660485
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Size: 17.50
    • Rating: 3.821

  • Bengal Gold Roach Killer, Pest Control Insect Spray and Roach Prevention Treatment, 9 Oz. Dry Aerosol Can

    • UPC: 11027901
    • Model: 92462
    • Size: 9 fl oz9 oz
    • Rating: 4.333

  • Combat Max Large Roach Killing Bait Stations, Child-resistant, 8 Count

    Keep your home insect-free with the Combat Source Kill Max Roach Bait. It uses powerful insecticides designed to kill roaches. Combat large roach baits start killing insects within hours. This package contains eight baits. Combat

    • UPC: 11027376
    • Model: 00023400519132
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 8
    • Rating: 4.194

  • Raid Ant & Roach Killer 26, Fragrance Free, 17.5 oz

    • UPC: 14862628
    • Model: 697318
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 17.5 oz17.5 fl oz
    • Rating: 3.822

  • Combat Max Roach Killing Gel for Indoor and Outdoor Use, 1 Syringe, 2.1 Ounces

    Get rid of pests in your home with Combat Max Roach Killing Gel Bait. This bait will eliminate roaches quickly and at the source. Simply depress the plunger to disperse a line of bait wherever

    • UPC: 11027377
    • Model: 00023400519606
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Size: 2.1
    • Rating: 4.536

  • Raid Ant & Roach Killer 26, Outdoor Fresh Scent, 17.5 oz (2 ct)

    Raid Ant and Roach Killer kills ants, roaches and other pests on contact. The residue from the spray keeps on killing bugs for up to four weeks after you apply it. This insecticide comes in

    • UPC: 27054136
    • Model: 649023
    • Color: N/AOther
    • Size: 8.75 fl oz8.75 oz
    • Rating: 4.139

  • Raid Ant & Roach Killer 26, Fragrance Free, 17.5 oz (2 ct)

    Raid Ant & Roach Killer kills on contact with no lingering chemical odor and will keep killing bugs for up to four weeks. These easy-to-use aerosol cans uses broad spray patterns for good surface coverage.

    • UPC: 23888911
    • Model: 697322
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Rating: 4.667

  • Raid Ant & Roach Killer 26, Lavender Scent, 17.5 oz

    Raid Lavender Scent Ant and Roach Killer kills on contact with no lingering chemical odor and will keep killing bugs for up to four weeks. Use Raid Lavender Scent Ant & Roach Killer directly on

    • UPC: 23788353
    • Model: 660549
    • Color: Multicolor
    • Rating: 3.586

  • Bengal Roach Spray, 16 oz.

    Odorless, mess-free dry aerosol spray that penetrates better than water-based sprays to flush out and kill insectsGuaranteed to kill roaches and other insects including ants, spiders, crickets, and Asian lady beetlesPerfect for crack & crevice

    • UPC: 114633484
    • Model: 96948
    • Size: 16 oz16 fl oz
    • Rating: 4.667

  • (2 pack) Combat Max Ant and Roach Killer Quick Kill Foam Spray, 17.5 Ounce

    Foam expands to get into areas where insects hide. Kills by Contact. Foam shows where you sprayed and dries invisible. Keeps killing German cockroaches for up to 10 months on non-porous

    • UPC: 239348984
    • Rating: 3.4



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