• FLOORLOT SHOP. FLOORS. DELIVERED. 200sqft 3mm Laminate Flooring Vapor Barrier Underlayment

    Floor lot Flooring 3mm extra thick underlayment reduces both reflective sound noise and through the floor sound transmission. Each roll comes with 200sqft of underlayment coverage. Extra thick pad conceals minor sub flooring imperfections and crackles attached moisture barrier protection (No extra film required). Peel & Stick tape and overlap for easy installation. Can be used for laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, & engineered hardwood flooring. Installation over concrete subfloors & all wood subfloors.

    • ASIN: B00YTB6SO8
    • UPC: 030043224736
    • ASIN: B00YTB6SO8
    • Manufacturer: Floorlot Flooring

  • Blue Foam Underlayment 3 in 1 Laminate Flooring 2mm Thick 200 sqft (1 Roll) Padding laminate floor underlayment, wood flooring with underlayment, laminate subfloor basement, flooring underlayment op

    Blue Foam Underlayment 3 in 1 Laminate Flooring 2mm Thick 200 sqft Roll Vinyl (200, 1 Roll) ...

    • ASIN: B079K6BHL9
    • UPC: 689716465015
    • ASIN: B079K6BHL9
    • Brand: Elysian Design
    • Size: 1 Roll

  • Roberts 70-193A Super 360 sq 60 in. x 72 ft. x 3 mm Felt Cushion Roll for Engineered Wood and Laminate Flooring Underlayment

    The ROBERTS Super Felt premium underlayment is a 3 mm thick insulating underlayment made to reduce noise and help cushion flooring. By absorbing noise instead of deflecting it, Super Felt reduces sound transmission. This felt underlayment is made from recycled fibers and compressed using a high heat manufacturing process. The film overlay protects engineered and laminate flooring from any moisture from the subfloor and includes a 1-3/4 in. adhesive strip and 3 in. overlap for linking multiple rolls.

    • ASIN: B008N6Q7HI
    • UPC: 075378701934
    • ASIN: B008N6Q7HI
    • Brand: Roberts
    • Size: 360 sqft
    • Manufacturer: QEP Tools

  • 100 sq. ft. Roll, 25 ft. x 4 ft. x 3/32 in., Serenity Foam Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

    Roberts Serenity foam underlayment is designed for use under floating laminate and engineered wood flooring. This product is designed to use for wood subfloors but can also be used with concrete slabs with recommended Moisture Barricade (Item# 70-115, sold separately). Serenity is designed with a 3/32 inch polyethylene foam for added cushioning and compensates for minor subfloor imperfections.

    • ASIN: B00CNE94RG
    • UPC: 075378700104
    • ASIN: B00CNE94RG
    • Brand: Roberts
    • Size: 1-(Pack)
    • Manufacturer: Roberts

  • Forest Floor 3/8" Thick Printed Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Floor Mats, 36 Sq Ft (9 Tiles), Light Bamboo

    A perennial best-seller, the 3/8-inch (10mm) thickness of Forest Floor Printed Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Mats is a popular choice for low- to moderate-traffic areas and low-impact personal fitness activities. Whether you're looking for a cost-effective general padding solution in your home or office, or you're setting up a space designed for childcare, play, or fitness, Forest Floor is the perfect solution for you. The slimmer thickness of the 3/8" series makes it an economical choice for a sophisticated home gym space, ideal for yoga, pilates, and bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, sit... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B017C21IKO
    • UPC: 815014017551
    • ASIN: B017C21IKO
    • Brand: Forest Floor
    • Size: 36 Sq Ft (9 Tiles)
    • Manufacturer: We Sell Mats - [DROP SHIP]

  • TruePower 02-8331 Professional Flooring Jack

    Makes installing hardwood floors easier Won't damage the flooring Can be used with any floor thickness Always have straight floorboards by bringing crooked planks into place for nailing Easy to use ratcheting mechanism Rack dimensions: 12-5/8" L X 1" W x 5/8" T Rack plate dimensions: 1-7/8" L x 4-5/8" W x 1-1/2" H Lifting plate dimensions: 2" W x 9-1/16: H x 1/4" T Gear diameter: 1" Gear shaft bolt thread: 3/8" x 24 NPT 14 teeth.

    • ASIN: B007V4YZYA
    • UPC: 671839410416
    • ASIN: B007V4YZYA
    • Brand: TruePower
    • Manufacturer: Gino Development Inc. - Tools (Dummy Vendor Code)

  • DriTac Wood Floor Repair Kit-Engineered Flooring ONLY 32oz

    DriTac has developed a repair system to correct the hollow spots and popping conditions for engineered wood flooring installations when other adhesives fail to get the job done. These defects cost the flooring industry millions of dollars per year. Studies and experience show that a major cause of these problems for engineered wood floor installations are adhesive voids between the flooring and the subfloor. **DO NOT USE Dritac RS-1 engineered wood floor over sealed concrete. For repairs over concrete , use DriTac SW-1 Solid Wood & Bamboo Floor Repair Kit

    • ASIN: B001OKA1LS
    • UPC: 714241300026
    • ASIN: B001OKA1LS
    • Brand: DriTack, Dri Tac, DriTac
    • Size: 32 oz
    • Manufacturer: DriTac Adhesive Group, Basic Adhesive Inc

  • QuietWalk Underlayment for Laminate Flooring with Attached Vapor Barrier Offering Superior Sound Reduction, Moisture Protection, and Compression Resistance, 100 sq. ft, Blue

    You chose the perfect laminate flooring for your room but don't know which underlayment to install? Quiet Walk Plus is our premium 100 sq. ft. Underlayment choice allowing firm support for multiple types of flooring with great acoustic benefits. Built with sound reduction and moisture dissipation in mind. The vapor barrier is specially designed for optimal bond with adhesives for easy installation. Synthetic fiber pads are fast becoming the most specified underlayment architects and designers due to their acoustical and moisture protection qualities. WHAT YOU WILL FIND WITH OUR UNDERLAYMENT... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00A52RTBG
    • UPC: 696087109509
    • ASIN: B00A52RTBG
    • Brand: MP Global Products
    • Size: 3' x 33'4"
    • Manufacturer: MP Global Products

  • AMERIQUE AM3M600SV 600SQFT Premium Flooring Underlayment Padding with Tape & Vapor Barrier, 3-in-1 Heavy Duty 3MM Thick, Pack of 3, Coverage, Silver Chrome, 600 Square Feet

    This listing is for 3 rolls, 600sqft AMERIQUE 3mm thick silver underlayment padding, with moisture/vapor barrier, mold and moisture protection, non allergenic, sound absorption, with metallic silver look, anti-crush technology for excellent performance & long life, perfect for wood, bamboo and laminate floors, 3mm closed foam technology for sound reduction, easy installation with overlap and adhesive strip.

    • ASIN: B076KWXX6W
    • ASIN: B076KWXX6W
    • Brand: AMERIQUE
    • Size: Coverage: 600SQFT
    • Manufacturer: AMERIQUE

  • First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment

    The ROBERTS First Step Premium 3-in-1 Underlayment, 630 sq. ft. roll is designed for use under floating laminate and engineered wood flooring. This product is meant for use on concrete slabs and wood subfloors that are below, on or above grade. This underlayment creates a pocket of constantly circulating air, which inhibits mold growth. It is effective for sound reduction, moisture protection, comfort and even helps level minor sub-floor corrections.

    • ASIN: B008915ICC
    • UPC: 075378701026
    • ASIN: B008915ICC
    • Brand: Roberts
    • Manufacturer: Roberts

  • WearMax Scratch Concealer for Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring - Scratch Repair Touch-up & Remover - Eliminate White Lines from LVT Floors

    • ASIN: B01H7HR2OA
    • UPC: 818903012132
    • ASIN: B01H7HR2OA
    • Brand: WearMax
    • Size: 2oz.
    • Manufacturer: WearMax

  • DITRA-HEAT-TB Insulation Membrane Roll 108 sqft, 3'3" x 33'

    Schluter-DITRA-HEAT-TB is the only electric floor warming system with an integrated thermal break, and is ideal for tiled floors over concrete. The thermal break directs heat up into the tile rather than down into the subfloor, resulting in tiled floors that warm up to 70% faster over concrete substrates. By preventing the loss of heat to the subfloor, DITRA-HEAT-TB provides considerable energy savings and complete comfort even with tiled floors that are traditionally cold when installed over concrete. DITRA-HEAT-TB ensures a thin, quick, and simple assembly by providing heating, uncoupling, a... [Read More]

    • Brand: Schluter
    • Manufacturer: Schluter

  • Hardwood Floor Brush 1 and 1/4 with Soft Bristles Universal Vacuum Cleaner attachment 10 wide (Basic)

    Hardwood floor attachment for most vacuums. The fitting is for 1 and 1/4 vacuums only. You can contact your manufacturer to double check if needed. Special soft Bristles to keep your floors beautiful. Brush is 10 inches wide with no wheels, and features a 6 inch raised front for wider cleaning with less dirt left behind vs its ''saber tooth opening'' counterpart.

    • ASIN: B0752TK6QY
    • UPC: 746237700145
    • ASIN: B0752TK6QY
    • Brand: EnviroCare
    • Manufacturer: Envirocare

  • Bestlaminate 3in1 Basic Vapor Barrier Flooring Underlayment w/Overlap and Tape 1000sq.ft (10 Rolls x 100sf)

    3in1 Blue Vapor Barrier Underlayment is universal and affordable. Suitable for all types of subfloor including cement subfloor. Ideal for for all flooring ranging from concrete slab, bamboo, floating and wood floors, or even laminates engineered hardwood! This underlayment is 2mm thick and will provide you with basic performance and moisture protection.

    • ASIN: B07LC2Q55K
    • UPC: 600246957030
    • ASIN: B07LC2Q55K
    • Brand: Bestlaminate
    • Manufacturer: Bestlaminate

  • Bestlaminate Premium Cork Vapor Barrier Flooring Underlayment 3mm - 200 sq.ft/roll

    Bestlaminate cork underlayment with Moisture Barrier can be used for flooring installation to protect it against seeping moisture from the subfloor. Additionally, laminate flooring underlayment helps your floated floor to float, noise control (dampening), and minimally correct small imperfections in the sub-floor. Come in 200 sf rolls.

    • ASIN: B07GYVSPJ1
    • UPC: 638932874361
    • ASIN: B07GYVSPJ1
    • Brand: Bestlaminate
    • Manufacturer: Bestlaminate

  • Dekorman 15mm AC4 Original Collection Laminate Flooring - Chocolate Mocha

    15mm Thick 48 in. length x 5 in width, AC4, CARB 2 Compliance, Crystal surface laminate flooring features a chocolate mocha

    • UPC: 55176086
    • Model: 1982
    • Color: Chocolate MochaBrown
    • Size: 47.83" x 4.96"47.83\" x 4.96\"
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Dekorman 15mm AC4 Original Collection Laminate Flooring - Roasted Espresso

    Crystal surface laminate flooring features a roasted espresso

    • UPC: 55176084
    • Model: 1170
    • Color: BrownRoasted Espresso
    • Size: 47.83" x 4.96"47.83\" x 4.96\"
    • Rating: 4.5

  • Dekorman 12mm AC3 Country Collection Laminate Flooring - White Oak

    12mm Thick 48 in. Length x 5 in width, AC3, CARB 2 compliance, Click-Locking, Embossed surface laminate flooring features a White Oak

    • UPC: 55176081
    • Model: 1200D
    • Color: WhiteWhite Oak
    • Size: 47.83" x 4.96"47.83\" x 4.96\"
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Stony Brook EIR 12 mm Thick x  7.72 in. Width x 47.83 in. Length HDF Laminate Flooring (15.38 sq. ft/ case)

    With registered and embossed textures that rival the look of hardwood, laminate flooring also features beveled edge treatments for added realism. The AC3 commercially rated finish is perfect for active lifestyles, resists scratching and is

    • UPC: 369243186
    • Model: 1213-P-STOBRO
    • Color: GrayStony Brook

  • 15mm AC4 Original Collection Laminate Flooring - Aged Bronze

    Crystal surface laminate flooring features an aged bronze

    • UPC: 55176083
    • Model: 7922
    • Color: Aged BronzeBronze
    • Size: 47.83" x 4.96"47.83\" x 4.96\"

  • Dekorman 12mm Ridge Collection Laminate Flooring - Ancient Boatwood

    1215mm*169mm*12mm 2.21 sqf per plank, 17.6817 sqf per box AC3 grade, CARB2 V-Groove edge Click locking Small Embossed Wax Coated

    • UPC: 572548145
    • Model: 9009

  • Old Mill EIR 12 mm Thick x  7.72 in. Width x 47.83 in. Length HDF Laminate Flooring (18.96 sq. ft/ case)

    With registered and embossed textures that rival the look of hardwood, laminate flooring also features beveled edge treatments for added realism. The AC3 commercially rated finish is perfect for active lifestyles, resists scratching and is

    • UPC: 310860411
    • Model: 1213-P-OLDMIL
    • Color: BrownBeigeOld Mill
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Select Surfaces Caramel Laminate Flooring, 6 Plank Box (12.50 Square Feet)

    Update the appearance of any room with Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring. They have an authentic woodgrain texture that offers the look and feel of real hardwood. These home improvement supplies feature an advanced SpeedLoc installation

    • UPC: 136159007
    • Rating: 4.612

  • Dekorman 12mm thickness Cottage collection 1215mmx126mm AC3, CARB2 EIR Laminate Flooring - American Walnut

    1215mm x 126mm size 12mm thickness AC3, CARB2 V-Groove EIR surface 1.648 sqf per plank 10 planks per box at total 16.48 sqf 25 Years warranty, Don't forget your coordinating trims and moldings which are

    • UPC: 354768643
    • Model: 1235

  • Dekorman Natural Walnut #1235H 12mm Click-Locking Laminate Flooring - 5in x 7in Take Home Sample

    Dekorman Natural Walnut #1235H 12mm Click-Locking Laminate Flooring - 5in x 7in Take Home

    • UPC: 293383914
    • Model: DKS1235H
    • Color: Natural WalnutOff-White

  • How To Prep Your Sub floor For Luxury Vinyl Flooring

    DIY Laminate or Vinyl Flooring A to Z

    Installing Laminate Flooring For The First Time // Home Renovation