• Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare: A Guide to Best Practice

    Thoroughly updated and now in full color, the Second Edition of this best-selling book is a user-friendly guide to implementing evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare. "Real-life" examples assist readers in actualizing important concepts and overcoming barriers to implementation of evidence-based care. This edition contains a new chapter on implementing evidence in clinical settings and emphasizes all the steps needed in making evidence-based practice part of a sustainable healthcare culture. Web alerts direct readers to Internet resources to further develop evidence-based practice ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1605477788
    • ASIN: 1605477788
    • ISBN: 1605477788
    • Brand: Brand: Lippincott Williams Wilkins
    • Manufacturer: LWW

  • The Multicampus System: Perspectives

    Multicampus systems are the dominant model of public higher education in the USA. In this examination of them, the contributors explore how the systems cope with operational challenges; how leaders respond to dwindling resources; and what the organizations' missions should be.

    • ASIN: 1579220169
    • ASIN: 1579220169
    • ISBN: 1579220169
    • Manufacturer: Routledge

  • In the Name of Science: A History of Secret Programs, Medical Research, and Human Experimentation

    Science, as Andrew Goliszek proves in this compendious, chilling, and eye-opening book, has always had its dark side. Behind the bright promise of life-saving vaccines and life-enhancing technologies lies the true cost of the efforts to develop them. Knowledge has a price; often that price has been human suffering. The ethical limits governing use of the human body in experimentation have been breached, redefined, and breached again---from the moment the first plague-ridden corpse was heaved over the fortifications of a besieged medieval city to the use of cutting-edge gene therapy today. Thos... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0312303564
    • ASIN: 0312303564
    • ISBN: 0312303564
    • Manufacturer: St. Martin's Press

  • Reproducibility: Principles, Problems, Practices, and Prospects

    2017 PROSE Award Honorable MentionThe PROSE Awards draw attention to pioneering works of research and for contributions to the conception, production, and design of landmark works in their fields.Featuring peer-reviewed contributions from noted experts in their fields of research, Reproducibility: Principles, Problems, Practices, and Prospects presents state-of-the-art approaches to reproducibility, the gold standard of sound science, from multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives. Including comprehensive coverage for implementing and reflecting the norm of reproducibility in various pertinent... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1118864972
    • ASIN: 1118864972
    • ISBN: 1118864972
    • Manufacturer: Wiley

  • Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

    To most of us, learning something "the hard way" implies wasted time and effort. Good teaching, we believe, should be creatively tailored to the different learning styles of students and should use strategies that make learning easier. Make It Stick turns fashionable ideas like these on their head. Drawing on recent discoveries in cognitive psychology and other disciplines, the authors offer concrete techniques for becoming more productive learners.Memory plays a central role in our ability to carry out complex cognitive tasks, such as applying knowledge to problems never before encountered an... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0674729013
    • ASIN: 0674729013
    • ISBN: 0674729013
    • Brand: Belknap Press
    • Manufacturer: Belknap Press: An Imprint of Harvard University Press

  • Leadership: Theory and Practice

    • ASIN: 076192566X
    • ASIN: 076192566X
    • ISBN: 076192566X
    • Manufacturer: Sage Publications, Inc

  • Forested Landscapes in Perspective: Prospects and Opportunities for Sustainable Management of America's Nonfederal Forests

    The federal role in the management of nonfederal U.S. forests was once relatively simple: to assist in the prevention and control of wildfires. The administrative structure to carry out this role was similarly uncomplicated, with most programs under the aegis of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In recent years, however, both the management and administrative landscapes have changed dramatically. Responsibility for the federal role in nonfederal forests has been expanded to include a number of cabinet departments and independent agencies, which must address critical issues such as reforestat... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0309056411
    • ASIN: 0309056411
    • ISBN: 0309056411
    • Manufacturer: National Academy Press

  • Energy effects, efficiencies, and prospects for various modes of transportation (Synthesis of highway practice)

    • ASIN: 0309025451
    • ASIN: 0309025451
    • ISBN: 0309025451
    • Manufacturer: Transportation Research Board, National Research Council

  • Partnerships for Empowerment

    Participatory research has emerged as an approach to producing knowledge that is sufficiently grounded in local needs and realities to support community-based natural resource management (CBNRM), and it is often touted as crucial to the sustainable management of forests and other natural resources. This book analyses the current state of the art of participatory research in CBNRM. Its chapters and case studies examine recent experiences in collaborative forest management, harvesting impacts on forest shrubs, watershed restoration in Native American communities, civic environmentalism in an urb... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 184407563X
    • ASIN: 184407563X
    • ISBN: 184407563X
    • Brand: Brand: Routledge
    • Manufacturer: Routledge

  • Make and Mend: Sashiko-Inspired Embroidery Projects to Customize and Repair Textiles and Decorate Your Home

    An exquisite, full-color guide to sashiko, a simple Japanese stitching technique that uses stunning patterns to decorate or repair clothing, accessories, and home textiles.Requiring no special equipment other than a sewing needle and thread, Make and MendĀ introduces the incredibly simple technique of sashiko--a striking hand-sewing method using a running stitch to form pleasing geometric patterns. Sashiko is traditionally used to mend and repair clothing and textiles, but it can just as easily be used to create beautiful, decorative projects for the home. With fifteen projects applying a mode... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0399579435
    • ASIN: 0399579435
    • ISBN: 0399579435
    • Manufacturer: Watson-Guptill

  • Public Health at the Crossroads: Achievements and Prospects

    This book is an introduction to public health as a discipline and a critique of its recent development. The extensively revised edition reviews major health trends, the current state of the world's health, and the latest estimates of the global burden of disease. With examples drawn widely from rich and poor countries, the authors argue for an inclusive vision of public health based on the application in public policy of improved epidemiological understanding of the causes of disease. First Edition Hb (1997): 0-521-58373-X First Edition Pb (1997): 0-521-58665-8

    • ASIN: 052154047X
    • ASIN: 052154047X
    • ISBN: 9780521540476
    • Manufacturer: Cambridge University Press

  • Marketing Aspects of International Business (Nijenrode Studies in Business)

    The old ways break down, times change, and new life blossoms from the ruins. Frederich Schiller These words of a great poet express a basic fact of life-the inevitability of change. If marketers were asked to envision the future, they would not hesitate to answer that the entire globe is involved in a human revolution like no other in history. The changes now taking place, in both industrially developed and developing nations, are indications of the problems, chalĀ­ lenges, and opportunities confronting future economic growth and development. Perhaps the most prominent characteristic of this c... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 0898381363
    • ASIN: 0898381363
    • ISBN: 0898381363
    • Brand: Brand: Springer
    • Manufacturer: Springer

  • Mysteries and Secrets of Time

    This fascinating work begins with a scientific appraisal of time and its relationship with 3D space. It explains in clear, understandable language, the complex theories of such famous men as Newton, Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. Is time infinite, or does it have a beginning and an end? Do Black Holes and White Vortices distort time, or penetrate it? The authors also analyse and evaluate puzzling, well documented reports of time travel and reincarnation, and strange cases of deja vu. Can time travel account for such anachronistic discoveries as a 20th century sparkplug found encased among foss... [Read More]

    • ASIN: 1550026771
    • ASIN: 1550026771
    • ISBN: 1550026771
    • Brand: Brand: Dundurn Group
    • Manufacturer: Dundurn Group

  • Research on Mental Illness and Addictive Disorders: Progress and Prospects

    The book reviews the research on mental illness and addictive disorders.

    • ASIN: 0890420009
    • ASIN: 0890420009
    • ISBN: 0890420009
    • Manufacturer: American Psychiatric Publishing

  • Persuasion: Psychology of Selling - Secret Techniques To Close The Deal Every Time (Persuasion, Influence)

    Secrets The World's Best Salespeople Don't Want You To Know... ...finally revealed by R. Moore, so that you can TRIPLE your sales!Quick question: imagine yourself closing more deals and making more sales, faster and easier than ever before. How does il feel? Well, that's exactly the purpose of this book: to give you a series of ideas, methods, strategies, and techniques that you can use immediately to make more money. Inside this book, you will learn:How to master the inner game of selling: build unshakeable self-confidence and exceptional social skills...New ways to control your thoughts, fee... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B071VXJ99X
    • ASIN: B071VXJ99X

  • Land Use and Land Cover Semantics : Principles, Best Practices, and Prospects


    • UPC: 44515761

  • Incurable Me : Why the Best Medical Research Does Not Make It into Clinical Practice


    • UPC: 48160414

  • Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts: Essentials for Buy-Side and Sell-Side Analysts - eBook

    The first real-world guide for training equity research analystsfrom a Morgan Stanley veteranAddresses the dearth of practical training materials for research analysts in the U.S. and globallyValentine managed a department of 70 analysts and 100

    • UPC: 915916695

  • Sexual Harassment in Education and Work Settings : Current Research and Best Practices for Prevention

    Addresses current legal and psychological issues involved in campus and workplace violence, specifically sexual misconduct, and offers best practices for organizations seeking to prevent and respond to sexual

    • UPC: 44371448

  • Market Research Best Practice - eBook

    Market Research Best Practice is a compilation of the best discussion papers, case studies and methodologies from the ESOMAR publishing and event programme over the last decade and more. Market research is adapting to an

    • UPC: 982385804

  • Energy Efficiency in the Minerals Industry : Best Practices and Research Directions

    Energy Efficiency in the Minerals Industry: Best Practices and Research

    • UPC: 634445872

  • Health Services Research Methods : A Guide to Best Practice

    Health Services Research Methods : A Guide to Best

    • UPC: 53360829

  • Research Perspectives and Best Practices in Educational Technology Integration - eBook

    With advancements in technology continuing to influence all areas of society, students in current classrooms have a different understanding and perspective of learning than the educational system has been designed to teach. Research Perspectives and

    • UPC: 193823454

  • Sexual Harassment in Education and Work Settings: Current Research and Best Practices for Prevention - eBook

    Based on an idea conceived at a conference for the International Coalition of Sexual Harassment, this book offers up-to-date information about sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct in academic and workplace settings, as

    • UPC: 630426058

  • The New Development of Technology Enhanced Learning : Concept, Research and Best Practices

    This book presents a portrait of technology enhanced learning in the near future. It gathers the newest concepts, research and best practices on the frontiers of technology enhanced learning from the aspects of learning, pedagogies,

    • UPC: 24743210

  • Webinar: Prospect Research: Tips & Tricks

    PD 2018: Vendor Session (Best Practices for Prospect Research)

    DonorPerfect Expert Webcast - Major Giving Best Practices