• Conspiracy

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  • Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever

    #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A respected, long-time Republican strategist, ad-maker, and contributor for The Daily Beast, skewers the disease that is destroying the conservative movement and burning down the GOP: Trumpism.In Everything Trump Touches Dies, political campaign strategist and commentator Rick Wilson brings his darkly funny humor and biting analysis to the absurdity of American politics in the age of Trump. Wilson mercilessly exposes the damage Trump has done to the country, to the Republican Party he served for decades, and to the conservative movement that has abandoned its prin... [Read More]

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  • UFOTV Presents: Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation On UFOs

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    Known only as " The New Guy In Town that's been here for over 500 years " The GuitarTerror has recently surfaced on youtube at his name " ShredGuitarUnite" Where out of nowhere this new guitar virtuoso has arrived on the scene and proving that this could be everything he claims it is - a sound that will " terrify " his listeners. Using only 5 items : an Iphone4 a Sony Vaio Notebook - an electric guitar 1 cable and an amplifier. this video combines wicked displays of raw guitar wizardry combined with comical approaches to everyday life culminating in a grand ultimate conspiracy theory about so... [Read More]

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  • Revealing the Secrets of the Game: Exposing the Most Closely Guarded System of Self-Empowerment Ever Designed

    EMPOWER YOURSELF THROUGH THE HIDDEN SYSTEM THAT KEEPS OTHERS POWERLESS!The only book of its kind to have ever been written.What is the “Game” and how do you learn to play? Take a journey through the hidden knowledge and wisdom that many consider priceless. The Game is an anomaly; it is often spoken about but never defined. It has been that way for centuries, and for a good reason.I talk a lot about the Game and I realize that the majority of people have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s time to change that.This is what I call the, “Little Black Book.” This book breaks down in de... [Read More]

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  • The Greatest Stories Never Told: 100 Tales from History to Astonish, Bewilder, and Stupefy

    History isn't always made by great armies colliding or by great civilizations rising or falling. Sometimes it's made when a chauffeur takes a wrong turn, a scientist forgets to clean up his lab, or a drunken soldier gets a bit rowdy. That's the kind of history you'll find in The Greatest Stories Never Told.This is history candy -- the good stuff. Here are 100 tales to astonish, bewilder, and stupefy: more than two thousand years of history filled with courage, cowardice, hope, triumph, sex, intrigue, folly, humor, and ambition. It's a historical delight and a visual feast with hundreds of phot... [Read More]

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  • Roswell 70 years later

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  • A Beautiful Mind


  • The Best Book of Useless Information Ever: A Few Thousand Other Things You Probably Don't Need to Know (But Might as Well Find Out)

    From the creators of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Book of Useless Information comes another enlightening, entertaining, and ultimately useless assortment of trivia. If you find yourself transfixed by the most trivial of trivia, or mesmerized by the most minor of minutiae, The Useless Information Society's latest findings can satisfy your every need. This wide-ranging collection will fill every nook and cranny of your brain with information you'll surely never need, but will enjoy learning anyway! Did you know... - that penguins can jump six feet out of the water? - that everyone is ... [Read More]

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  • Roswell the UFO Uncoverup


  • Believe | Bigfoot Nessie UFO Alien Abduction Funny Conspiracy Joke Men T-Shirt-(Adult,M) Black

    A t-shirt with a cool print on the chest

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  • Science Liberals Conspiracy Theory Environment C The Best Selling Tea Coffee Mug Ever

    Our mug is made of highest quality ceramic and will not scratch or fade. The perfect size 11oz to enjoy your morning beverage and the perfect gift for your loved ones that special day.High quality ceramics, easy to clean microwave and dishwasher safe,The perfect gift is the perfect gift for friends and family in special occasions.This high quality 11oz.Ceramic Black or White mugs has a premium hard coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction sure to last for years. Perfect for all hot & cold beverages. High Gloss + Premium Black or White Finish, ORCA Coating, Dishwasher and Microwa... [Read More]

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  • Ask Me About My Conspiracy Theory T-Shirt

    Conspiracy Theories Clothing Co. Ask Me About My Conspiracy Theory. I want to talk about my conspiracy theories but no one ever asks so I decided to wear this design to entice people who see it to ask about my beliefs. Question answered! Makes a great gift idea for conspiracy theorists or those who just want someone to talk to them.

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  • PixiDoodle Sasquatch Bigfoot Believer Coffee Mug (11 oz, White)

    Why not give that exceptional person a unique gift that says it all?Love a good conspiracy theory? Between Bigfoot and aliens, you can't get anything better! This mug is sure to start conversations! Everyone loves to claim to have seen Sasquatch! Have you ever thought, maybe he saw you? Share your conspiracy humor with this coffee cup!More Than Just a Coffee Cup!If you would like to spruce up the mug even more, add special treats the recipient might enjoy. Coffee, teas, candies, flowers, or any small items add more uniqueness to your special gift.Carefully Packaged QualityThis high quality cer... [Read More]

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  • Hunter Women's Original Back Adjustable Rain Boots Navy 7 M US

    Hunter Size Chart Note: Select your US size. Please be advised, the product and box will display UK, US and Euro sizing. For US sizing, both men's and women's sizing is displayed. Men's sizing is represented by "M" and women's sizing is represented by "F". Every storm has a silver lining because you can step out in the classic Hunter™ Original Adjustable boots. Vulcanized natural latex construction provides a seamless waterproof shell. Ideal for walking through wet grass or fields as well as walking in wet conditions in the city. Pull-on design. Adjustable buckled strap at back of shaft. S... [Read More]

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    • ASIN: B00K1XUPT2
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  • Conspiracies Declassified : The Skeptoid Guide to the Truth Behind the Theories

    A collection of the wildest conspiracies to ever exist, from mind control experiments to lizard people, this book explores, debunks--and sometimes proves--the secret stories that don't quite make it into the history books. What's fact

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    • Rating: 3.0

  • Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies for Dummies

    Entering the world of conspiracy theories and secret societies is like stepping into a distant, parallel universe where the laws of physics have completely changed: black means white, up is down, and if you want

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  • The Conspiracy Theory Diet : A Caelo Usque Ad Centrum

    The statistics tracking illnesses in America reveal that something isn't working. Do we really need more books about HEALTH? Or another newfangled diet peppered with supplements and the occasional round of antibiotics? Probably not, suggests

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  • Wheelmen : Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France, and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever

    An assessment of Lance Armstrong's doping scandal and fraud-based business successes exposes the support network of money, power, and cutting-edge science that enabled his seven Tour de France

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  • Dreamstate : A Conspiracy Theory

    If life is but a dream, to what do we awake? The central premise of Dreamstate: A Conspiracy Theory, is the admittedly ridiculous but incontrovertibly true assertion that the universe does not

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  • Voodoo Histories : The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History

    From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 to the assassination of JFK to the Birthers, Aaronvitch probes and explores the major conspiracy theories (and theorists) of our time. In doing so, he examines why people believe these

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  • Escaping the Rabbit Hole : How to Debunk Conspiracy Theories Using Facts, Logic, and Respect

    The Earth is flat, the World Trade Center collapse was a controlled demolition, planes are spraying poison to control the weather, and actors faked the Sandy Hook massacre.... All these claims are bunk: falsehoods, mistakes,

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  • Terror by Rail : Conspiracy Theories, 238 Passengers, and a Bomb Train--The Untold Stories of Amtrak 188

    Terror by Rail is a must-read, featuring the tell-all true story of the unknown facts surrounding Amtrak 188, what could have happened that day, and why readers and their loved ones should be aware and

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  • The Sagan Conspiracy : Nasa's Untold Plot to Suppress the People's Scientist's Theory of Ancient Aliens

    Mainstream SETI scientists and ancient alien theorists don't agree on much, but one opinion they share is that the undisputed authority on the possibility of alien existence was the late Carl Sagan (1934--1996), whose voluminous

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  • Real Enemies : Conspiracy Theories and American Democracy, World War I to 9/11

    Many Americans believe that their own government is guilty of shocking crimes. Government agents shot the president. They faked the moon landing. They stood by and allowed the murders of 2,400 servicemen in Hawaii. Although

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  • 4 Conspiracy Theories That Are True

    MH370 "island" conspiracy theory doesn't die

    Top 5 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories