• PRO QUALITY NUT MILK BAG - 12"X12" COMMERCIAL GRADE REUSABLE - ALL PURPOSE FOOD STRAINER - Nutmilk, Juicing, Coffees - Ultra Fine Mesh Nylon Cheese Cloth - Food Grade BPA-Free - Free Recipes & Videos


    • ASIN: B00KLT6X9W
    • UPC: 820103109574
    • ASIN: B00KLT6X9W
    • Brand: Ellie's Best
    • Size: Large - 12 by 12 inches
    • Manufacturer: Ellie's Best

  • 2 Pack - 80 Micron Nut Milk Bag - 12"X12" - Multiple Usage Reusable Food Strainer, Cold Brew Coffee Bag Cheesecloth, Food Grade Nylon Mesh, Filter For Almond/Soy Milk, Fruit Juice, Coffee and Tea

    Craftsmanship - We conducted hundreds of experiments to select the best materials, shape and craft for this multiple food strainer.Multiple usage - Due to the food grade nylon material, it can be used to make nut milk, pour over coffee, vegetable and fruit juice, tea and many other purposes.Easier to clean - It is easier to clean than other nut milk bags, just use water to rinse it, because the round corner of the product.Timely and thoughtful service - If you have any question about our product or service, just contact us through Amazon, we will reply as soon as possible.Competitive price - W... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01N2Q4O08
    • UPC: 602105145473
    • ASIN: B01N2Q4O08
    • Brand: iAesthete

  • Bellamei Nut Milk Bag Reusable 3 Pack 200 Micron Nut Bags For Almond/Soy Milk Greek Yogurt Professional for Cold Brew Coffee Tea Beer Juice Fine Italian Nylon Mesh

    Bellamei Multiple Nut Milk Bag,Best Choice For Your Kitchen We specializes in producing high quality products. We promise if you are not satisfied with this product,please contact our customers service team directly and we will help you to deal with it immediately. Package: 1 x ( 8"X12"), 1 x ( 10"X12"), 1 x ( 13"X13"),

    • ASIN: B07PQ5GYK8
    • UPC: 736140219179
    • ASIN: B07PQ5GYK8
    • Brand: Bellamei
    • Manufacturer: Bellamei

  • 2-PACK Best Nut Milk Bag - Restaurant Commercial Grade by GoNuts - Cheesecloth Strainer Filter For the Best Almond Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, Tea, Juicing, Yogurt, Tofu - BPA-Free Nylon 12"x10" Fine Mesh - Durable Washable Reusable - FREE Recipe E-book

    CREATE THE SMOOTHEST NUT MILK WITH GONUTS NUT MILK BAG Are you changing or enriching your diet? Nut milk & almond milk are healthy dairy substitutes that you can now easily make in your home! The GoNuts bags are the way to go about it. CHEFS JUST LOVE THEM! Superb Material and Design The GoNuts bags are made of 100% safe, food grade and BPA FREE NYLON, unlike similar products. They've been heavily tested for professional RESTAURANT USE. With DOUBLE NYLON STITCHING and ROUNDED BOTTOM, they are sized perfectly at 10'' x 12'' and are easily WASHABLE and REUSABLE washable. And their large roun... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00WFU80KA
    • UPC: 820103125529
    • ASIN: B00WFU80KA
    • Manufacturer: Alcyone-Essentials

  • EcoPeaceful Nut Milk Bag - ALL 100% Organic Cotton (Fabric, Stitches & Drawstring). Extra Fine Mesh Strainer - Almond milk, Celery Juice, Vegan Yogurt, Hot Tea, Cold Brew Coffee Filter Bag - Reusable.

    Hi, I'm Lena Mumma, a single mother & CEO of Eco Peaceful, LLC After watching Plastic documentaries, I was shocked at how plastic effects wildlife & humans. I decided to change my lifestyle. I started growing my own food to reduce plastic packaging & started a zero-waste organic, plastic-free business in 2012. My first product was a nut milk bag reusable organic, since I could not find any bag that was without synthetics, even GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified bags are sewn with polyester threads. So, I had to learn sewing to change an industry. We offer the purest & best organi... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B0138WST8G
    • UPC: 640626041454
    • ASIN: B0138WST8G
    • Brand: EcoPeaceful
    • Size: 12" x13"
    • Manufacturer: Eco Peaceful LLC

  • The Amazing Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag W/Food Grade Cheesecloth by Things&Thoughts | Eco Friendly Reusable Strainer for Almond Milk, Oat Milk, Juicing, Yogurt, Cheese Making, Cold Brew Coffee & Tea

    Love almond and other nut milks? Forget the inferior store-bought kind make your own delicious, healthy nut milk at home with the Amazing Organic Nut Milk Bag! This bag is NOT made of chemical-tainted nylon like other brands. Instead, we use 100% organic cotton that's certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the gold standard for organic fibers. This multi purpose pouch is not only safe for use with food; it's STRONG AND DURABLE and can be used again and again. Use it for making NUT MILK, YOGURT, COLD-BREW COFFEE, YOUR FAVORITE CHEESES, JUICE, TEA, KOMBUCHA, GHEE, and for SPROU... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B01M2AU3CL
    • UPC: 645080788464
    • ASIN: B01M2AU3CL
    • Brand: Things&Thoughts
    • Size: 12 inches x 12 inches
    • Manufacturer: Things&Thoughts

  • DDMY Nut Milk Bag - All Purpose Food Strainer - NutMilk, Juicing, Coffees, Tea, Yogurt -200 Mesh Ultra Fine Nylon Cheese Cloth - BPA-Free 12"x12" Durable Washable Reusable Food Filter Bag

    DDMY Nut Milk Bag - All Purpose Food Strainer - NutMilk, Juicing, Coffees, Tea, Yogurt -200 Mesh Ultra Fine Nylon Cheese Cloth - BPA-Free 12"x12" Durable Washable Reusable Food Filter Bag

    • ASIN: B07QNNX273
    • ASIN: B07QNNX273
    • Brand: DDMY
    • Size: 1Pack-12'' x 12''

  • 2 Pcs Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag - Big 12"X12" Commercial Grade - Reusable Almond Milk Bag & All Purpose Food Strainer - Fine Mesh Nylon Cheesecloth & Cold Brew Coffee Filter

    ①.New and Advanced Nylon Nut Milk Bag with a Draw String. This Nylon Bag is Perfect for Straining, Soaking, and Sprouting. Ideal for Multiple Uses in the Kitchen.②.Strong And Reusable Bag - Feels Wonderful On Your Hands. Drys Quickly. Cut Down Your Drying Time. Great for Travel.③.This Works Better Than Cheese Cloth Because It Doesn't Let Pulp Through and It Doesn't Stretch④.Easy To Hang Drawsring - A Must Have Tool for Any Kitchen. Perfect for Making Greek Yogurt Or Even Straining Chicken Stock.⑤.HIGH QUALITY. FOOD GRADE . MADE BY A-cool .Note: All bags are handmade, the size differe... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07G7D34D5
    • UPC: 654913021746
    • ASIN: B07G7D34D5
    • Brand: LERORO
    • Size: 12"X12"
    • Manufacturer: LERORO

  • 6 Pack - Nut Milk Bag-(12"x12") - iAesthete Reusable Food Grade Nylon Mesh Filter Multiple Usage Vegetable Fruit Juice Filter Cold Brew Coffee Filter Tea Filter

    FAQ:1. How many bags in this item?There are 6 bags in one item.2. What is the material of the nut milk bags made with?The mesh of the bags are made of food grade nylon materials, and the mesh is sewed together by food grade cotton wire.3. Can I get full refund if I am not satisfy with this product?Definitely YES! Just place the order, and we do all the other things for you until you are satisfied.4. Why your iAesthete Store provide a relatively lower price than other sellers in Amazon. Oh, this is why we open this store in Amazon, we are the manufacture of all the products in our store, and ... [Read More]

    • UPC: 607994744974
    • Brand: iAesthete

  • Doppeltree Premium Organic Cotton Reusable Nut Milk Bag - Extra Large 12 in x 12 in Fine Mesh Food Grade Almond, Soy, & Yogurt Strainer Cheesecloth with EasyOpen Drawstring - Designed in San Francisco

    OUR CUSTOMERS ❤️ US. Brenda from Maryland: "Waaay better than nylon bags. The filtering quality is just that much better!"Faye from Florida: "The Doppeltree nut milk bag works really well when I strain fruit juices too."Mike from California: "Doppeltree's nut milk bags are super easy to use, filter great, and best of all, so easy to clean up afterwards. You really can't go wrong with these bags. I'm so glad I found you guys!" At Doppeltree we're all about natural organic materials and sustainability. Designed in San Francisco, we source our cotton only from trusted certified organic farms... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07H2NQ994
    • UPC: 713339399225
    • ASIN: B07H2NQ994
    • Brand: Doppeltree
    • Size: 12"x12"
    • Manufacturer: Doppeltree

  • Madras Collections 100% Certified Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bags Set of 3-12"X12",9"x12" and 6"x9" Commercial Grade - Reusable Almond Milk Bag & All Purpose Food Strainer (Set of 3 Nut Milk Bags)

    Even more benefits over cheaper alternatives: - Muslin strains much finer than a nylon bag for smoother nut milks and ground free cold brew. - Cotton is heat resistant & holds up to long boils. - We offer a truly eco-friendly product which is chemical free and even uses plastic free packaging. It's not just great for making your own vegan milks, it's also a durable, premium quality - Food Strainer - Cold Brew Coffee Maker - Sprouting Bag - Beer Grain Bag - Kombucha Tea Brewing Bag But why ditch the drawstring? - They're hard to tie or unknot when wet. - They slip inside the hem, fray or get lo... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07G21WR8Z
    • UPC: 700118807798
    • ASIN: B07G21WR8Z
    • Brand: Madras Collections
    • Size: 28x28
    • Manufacturer: Nature Is Gift

  • Nut Milk Bag - All Purpose | Certified Organic Cotton | Reusable Unbleached Natural Cheesecloth Strainer For Almond Milk, Juicing & Cold Brew Coffee | 12"X12" Commercial Food Grade Filter | Eco-Friend

    Welcome To Our Family @lemun.co We are a small family-owned business with a huge passion for giving back to our planet to create a healthier environment for us today and for our families future. Join us and experience the reward of homemade nut milk today! EXPERIENCE THE FUN OF MAKING HOMEMADE NUT MILKS ✔ NOT ONLY A NUT MILK BAG BUT A ALL PURPOSE STRAINER! lemun Nut Milk Bag is the perfect strainer for homemade almond milk, coconut milk, ghee, kefir, vegetable or fruit juices, cold brew coffee, iced tea, beer home brewing, and cheese. To make life easier our cotton filter will fit a variety ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B07QJ2KSX2
    • UPC: 627843880349
    • ASIN: B07QJ2KSX2
    • Brand: Lemun
    • Size: 12"x12"
    • Manufacturer: Lemun

  • P&F Hemp Nut Milk Bag Reusable | All Natural | No Harmful Chemical in your drink | Better Than Cotton | Super Healthy Strainer for Making Yogurt/Ghee/Rice | Almond Cloth Filter | 13 X 12-Inches

    THE BEST BIG HEMP NUT-MILK BAG almond cloth reusable AND ALL PURPOSE STRAINER. TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT! Product of Thailand All purpose strainer or drain as Milk filter funnel or Ghee strainer. Strainers fine mesh for making Greek yogurt, cheese or Ghee as an organic reusable cheesecloth Make healthy, deliciously smooth almond milks, rice milks, cashew milks, hemp milks, silk coconut milks, juices, cold brew coffees and teas while saving time and money with premium nut milk bag strainer No weird smell like the nylon MUCH SAFER AND HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE FROM 100% NATURAL MATERIAL 100% natural H... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00S2B1YGI
    • ASIN: B00S2B1YGI
    • Size: 13" x 12"
    • Manufacturer: P&F HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS

  • NYKKOLA Nut Milk Bag 12" x 10" Fine Mesh Strainer for Almond Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, Juice & Yogurt

    NYKKOLA nut milk bag is so popular because we made it the way you asked us to! ! "this is a true 5 Star almond milk bag and all purpose strainer" Its shape, size and food grade Italian mesh were carefully chosen because of customers like you who requested that we create a perfect nut milk bag. And that is exactly what we did don't waste time and money on the cheap "top rated" Nut milk bags made with low cost materials and less volume or small openings that makes it hard and messy to pour into- NYKKOLA bigger better nut milk bag is the perfect strainer for juices, kefir, home Made almond milk, ... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00KI2RQHU
    • UPC: 798837383594
    • ASIN: B00KI2RQHU
    • Brand: NYKKOLA
    • Size: One size
    • Manufacturer: NYKKOLA

  • My Best Nut Milk Bag - 2 Pack Large (12"x12") & Medium (12"x9") Strong Reusable Almond Milk Bags - Commercial Food Grade Fine Nylon Mesh - Food Strainer & Cheese Maker Coffee & Tea Filter

    Homemade Nut Milk Making Is Finally Easy! With My Best Nut Milk Bag 2 Pack! Do you worry about additives, chemicals and toxins in your milk? Cannot imagine a single day without drinking a glass of milk? Are you lactose intolerant or vegan? Looking for easy yet delicious ways to enjoy a healthier lifestyle? Search no more! Get yourself this 2 in 1 fine mesh nut milk bag set and find your peace of mind again. Eliminate harmful ingredients in your milk, go vegan, taste powerful flavors and aromas and skyrocket your cooking techniques with just these 2 reusable strainer bags. Fresh, Delici... [Read More]

    • ASIN: B00WS0MF5S
    • UPC: 784672317603
    • ASIN: B00WS0MF5S
    • Brand: My Best Nut Milk Bag
    • Manufacturer: AVROZ Home & Kitchen

  • Crazy Sexy Juice : 100+ Simple Juice, Smoothie & Nut Milk Recipes to Supercharge Your Health

    "Plus an energizing 3-day

    • UPC: 54359178

  • Green Smoothies : Recipes for Smoothies, Juices, Nut Milks, and Tonics to Detox, Lose Weight, and Promote Whole-Body Health

    Presents a collection of sixty-six recipes for green smoothies and nut milks, describing the health benefits of the drinks and including a plan for a seven-day juice

    • UPC: 46035759

  • 2 Fine Mesh Nut Milk Jelly Strainer Bags (1 gal) XL Extra Large + Juicing and Sprouting eBook "Juicing Start Up Guide"

    2 Fine Mesh Nut Milk Jelly Strainer Bags (1 gal) XL Extra Large + Juicing and Sprouting eBook "Juicing Start Up

    • UPC: 143520662
    • Model: 2bag+eBook
    • Color: White
    • Size: XL
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Nut Milk Pulp Strainer Bag XL (1 gal) + Juicing Recipe Sprouting eBook "Juicing Start Up Guide"

    Nut Milk Pulp Strainer Bag XL (1 gal) + Juicing Recipe Sprouting eBook "Juicing Start Up

    • UPC: 104194485
    • Model: 1bag+1eBook
    • Color: White
    • Size: XL
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Nut Milk Bag XL Extra Large 14"x12" by Karma Kitchen Fine Nylon Mesh for Straining Mylk Filter Juice Sprouting and More!

    Nut Milk Bag XL Extra Large 14"x12" by Karma Kitchen Fine Nylon Mesh for Straining Mylk Filter Juice Sprouting and

    • UPC: 180665193
    • Color: White
    • Size: 1 gal1
    • Rating: 5.0

  • Simple Ecology Worlds Best Reusable Organic Cotton Muslin Fine Mesh Straining Bags - Set of 4 (L, M, S, XS) (nut milk, cold brew, coffee filter, loose leaf tea infuser, food juice pulp strainer)

    Muslin Straining Bags help eliminate excess waste from live, like those single use coffee filters, individually packaged tea bags, or standard cheese cloths. Commercial quality durable construction that will last for years. Extra strong exterior

    • UPC: 284323812
    • Color: Off-White
    • Size: Set of 4 (L, M, S, XS)4

  • Karma Kitchen Nut Milk Bag + CocoDrill Coconut Opener Tool 1 Gallon XL Nutmilk For Sprouting, Juicing Open Young Water

    Karma Kitchen Nut Milk Bag + CocoDrill Coconut Opener Tool 1 Gallon XL Nutmilk For Sprouting, Juicing Open Young

    • UPC: 153905510
    • Color: White
    • Size: 1 gal1

  • No Ordinary Juice Book : Over 100 Recipes for Juices, Smoothies, Nut Milks and More


    • UPC: 55458282

  • Unique Bargains Reusable Cotton Fabric Nut Milk Sprouting Juice Soup Food Filter Bag 17cmx21cm

    Food filter bags great for:Making clear soup, milk and nut, raw food preparation,and various fresh fruit and vegetable juicesSoak and clean with warm water, ReusableHeat Resistant in Boiling Water (cannot be deep fried),Great helper to

    • UPC: 48299434
    • Color: Beige
    • Size: others

  • Reusable Nut Milk Sprouting Juice Food Filter Bag 23 x 27cm 2pcs

    Making clear soup, milk and nut, raw food preparation,and various fresh fruit and vegetable juices.Soak and clean with warm water, reusable.Heat Resistant in Boiling Water (cannot be deep fried).Great helper to raw food lovers.save the

    • UPC: 643293370
    • Color: White
    • Size: others

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